Saturday, January 23, 2010

When it pours.....

At least it has the last few days in Southern California!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

30 days of Elegance – Book Review and a Personal call to Action

As I continue to work on my health and self image, I discovered a book called Beauty by God by Shelly Ballestero (

Her book has been full of wonderful insight. She has a wonderful chapter on dressing modestly that really captured my attention. She has a delightful way of presenting an approach that is useful and not just theory.

Shelly writes about surrounding ourselves with beauty and tasteful Luxury. She describes 30 things that we can do to add to the grace around us, and calls the readers to action by doing one thing a day to add elegance to our lives.

My plan is to write here about my personal discoveries as I start this Journey next Monday. I can’t follow her plan in exact order due to schedule conflicts but I have been able to switch a couple days around to fit what is going on in my life.

I would encourage any woman who feels the burden to change her appearance based on “worldly” strain to read this book and understand just how beautiful and perfectly made you are by our Heavenly Father.

God is so Amazing!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The tears just keep on comming...

I write with a heavy heart....I tried for two days to lift my spirit, to pray for peace, to find some kind of way to deal, but the current situation in Haiti has me completely overwhelmed.

I find my self staring at pictures of death, emotional chaos, fear and doubt and find myself longing to do something to help.

As I sit comfortably in my home, I think about the people who are starving, who are lonely, who have no place to turn. People who have lost everything and everyone.

Yesterday I read a blog from a woman who cares for Orphans in Haiti, she talked about her staff and the children sleeping on the street. Babies....on the street. These stories are this Californians biggest fear.

I know that everything is in God's plan, but I wish I knew what his goal was in this disaster.

God has been wooing my heart , I continually stagger across websites or blogs of people who are in the process or have recently adopted a child. As I read and view pictures, I wonder if we could adopt a child from Haiti. I wonder if part of God's wooing is the pain I feel for the people of Haiti.

The tears keep on coming, its feels almost more than I can bare. are in our prayers.

Friday, January 8, 2010

2010...My To Do List

Bri’s Goals for 2010
1. Get Closer to God
2. Lose Weight
3. Stay on Budget – Learn ways to save on Groceries
4. Create a Family Household Binder
5. Read one book per month
6. Learn to play the Guitar

Schaaf Family Goals for 2010
1. Get Closer to God/More involved at Calvary Church
2. Lose Weight/Get Healthy
3. Get Finances in Order
4. Get Pregnant

2010 Monthly Focus/Interests for the Schaaf Family
January – Finances/Budget
February – Clean out Guest Room Closet
March - Spring Cleaning
April – Dog Training
May – Dog Training
June – Ocean/Nature
July – Music
August – Baseball
September –Fall/Autumn Actives
October – Art
November – Christmas Shopping
December – Advent Dinners