Thursday, January 14, 2010

The tears just keep on comming...

I write with a heavy heart....I tried for two days to lift my spirit, to pray for peace, to find some kind of way to deal, but the current situation in Haiti has me completely overwhelmed.

I find my self staring at pictures of death, emotional chaos, fear and doubt and find myself longing to do something to help.

As I sit comfortably in my home, I think about the people who are starving, who are lonely, who have no place to turn. People who have lost everything and everyone.

Yesterday I read a blog from a woman who cares for Orphans in Haiti, she talked about her staff and the children sleeping on the street. Babies....on the street. These stories are this Californians biggest fear.

I know that everything is in God's plan, but I wish I knew what his goal was in this disaster.

God has been wooing my heart , I continually stagger across websites or blogs of people who are in the process or have recently adopted a child. As I read and view pictures, I wonder if we could adopt a child from Haiti. I wonder if part of God's wooing is the pain I feel for the people of Haiti.

The tears keep on coming, its feels almost more than I can bare. are in our prayers.


  1. Bri . . . stop watching/listening to the news.

    Seriously. Jesus is not in the news.

    Pray for the children, pray for God's leading in your life. Pray for their provision and mercy.

    Be careful about rushing in to adopt a child from Haiti or anywhere else for that matter. No big decisions when you're distressed! Your path will be more clearly seen when you're calm. Keep praying, and know that you're being prayed for!

  2. Hi Bri ~
    I understand your distress. I just watched a segment on CNN Campbell Brown about a couple who is in the process of adopting a baby boy from there.
    Bri, you should go with your heart! If you want to adopt, do it.