Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Girl with a Cat Face

This was in July of 1985, I was 6 years old.

Don’t you just love the dress I’m wearing? Something about seersucker and lace, that just makes me smile!

I have no idea why I have a cat face? Am I trying to make cat “ears” with my hands?  Who knows?? What I do know is that growing up I had some amazing summers which included swimming a lot, playing even more, and enjoying family.

I now find myself in a whole new “Tween” stage of life, too old for a summer break but young enough to miss one.  Old enough to have a busy calendar, but young enough to miss the family that is too far away by miles or the other side of heaven.  As we start this summer off I am passionately planning to find more time for floating in the water and loving the ones I share life with!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Girl with a Gun

Welcome to Throwback Thursday if you are visiting from The Mom Creative 

Oh how this picture makes me smile!!!
Oh my letterman Jacket, such a symbol of my high school years. I lettered in Band. I am totally okay with that!! 
Oh My Last Name, or well my Maiden Name. I am so very proud to have been born to our Taylor Clan!  I also cherish my nick name “Scooter bug” given to me by my Dad, and that it has travelled with me into my Married years! 

This picture was taken in the desert surrounding the Calico Ghost Town  where we camp, play, and where we make wonderful memories year after year over the New Year Holiday. One of our favorite activities out in the desert is shooting lead into the dirt! Its great fun! 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dad on a Boat

Welcome if you are stopping in from The Mom Creative!! I'm glad you are here! 

This is my Dad and I on a Boat.

A fishing boat in Hawaii, I was 13. I thought pink gecko tank tops and permed long bangs were fashionable.

This vacation was spent with my parents, and my Aunt and Uncle. We chartered a small fishing boat to snorkel on; it felt a bit like the Minnow.  We saw all sorts of amazing sea creatures and enjoyed the adventure together.  I can remember my Dad diving down to swim with sea turtles, and not understanding the tricks that clear blue water can play on depth perception. I can still feel the fear of sliding into the water knowing that I was going to break off a piece of coral (It was actually so much further down than I could comprehend).  Even when I didn’t trust his advice, my Dad stayed near and coaxed me through my fears. You see that’s what you do when you love someone, or at least that’s one way my Dad loves me.

This is my Dad and I on a Boat.

A fishing boat in Maine, I was 24. I thought that Pink hats and Pea coats were fashionable.

This vacation was spent with just the Taylor Trio (My Mom, Dad, and I). We chartered a small fishing boat to visit Puffins. Puffins are a sea bird, and also my Mom’s favorite animal.  These silly little birds call a little island off the coast of Maine home, and we were just crazy enough to go visit them. You see that’s what you do when you love someone, or at least that’s one way my Dad loves her. We arrived at the island and proceeded up mossy rocks and ropes (yes I slipped and fell, and anyone who knows me won’t be surprised) and spent our time listening to Puffins land on our blind, watching them waddle around, and hugged my Mom as her dreams came true! It was kind of magical!

These are just two, of many times that I have shared sweet time with my Dad on a Boat.  Water Skiing, House Boating, Whale Watching, Cruising, Fishing, oh and that time on the wave runner (let’s not talk about that, OUCH) are some of my favorite memories with him. 

There is something truly amazing about being the Daughter of this Man! He is skilled at loving us! He is a protector of my tender heart, and a wonderful example of a husband.  He is a lover of my Jesus, and lives his faith in all that he does! 

I am blessed to be his!  

Love you Dad!


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lets Visit Wolves

I can't explain why I am so attracted to these creatures but I was so thrilled for the opportunity to spend a few hours with them. 
I was even more excited to share the experience with Ryan and my Parents.

It was quite amazing! 

Thank you Wolf Mountain for all of your care and love for these amazing Wolves!!! I am forever changed by their stories and eyes.