Friday, January 31, 2014

One Little Word - Rest - January

I am joining Ali Edwards with her One Little Word Workshop. 

My Word for 2014 is: 

I chose this word because…
I chose the word Rest because it’s been so elusive to me, elusive to me in so many ways. I feel like I spend my days in agitation, awakening to busyness, continuing with work and action, and concluding with worry and wakefulness. I want to understand what it means to be rested in health, to find respite in the arms of my husband without the distractions of life around me, and to stay in the comfort of my Lord.

Tranquility has evaded me, although life must continue I want to focus on quieted refreshment, pausing for recreation, living fully in the moment of life, and easing away from the constant multitasking that fills my days.  I want to rest in the midst of my Labor and busyness, finding Rest as I learn what it means to stop and enjoy the peace and comfort of a quiet and focused soul.

In what ways is this word already a part of my life?
1.      Physical Rest Weekend Naps on Occasion
2.  Resting in the Lord during Worship with our Church
3.     Emotional rest that comes from Time with Family and Friends
4.  Rest in the similarities of others, as I read blogs
5. Rest in the love of our Marriage on date nights
6. Vacations

More//Less – What do you want more of in 2014? What do you want less of in 2014??
1. Daily time with my Maker
2. Write More
3.  Photograph more – Find opportunities to capture more nature and religious inspiration
4.  Keep the Sabbath Holy
5.   Read More
6.  Find rest in music, Guitar lessons
7.  Determine and Follow a daily routine/cadence
8. Stick to a budget

What do I most fear in 2014?

1.       Distraction of Work – 2013 I focused much too much on my career and responsibilities. The project I was on, and the excitement of the chase fuelled my obsession and clouded my judgment. I want to make sure that I hold firm to the priorities I have set for 2014, and keep my work responsibilities in check.

2.       Emotional Distresses from others – Every day I continue to heal from emotional wounds of the last year. The Grace of God and his ability to mend wounds has allowed me to move forward, and I want to keep making progress towards healing. I fear that my walls are too high, on the other hand I worry that the boundaries I am now comfortable in may not be strong enough.

3.       Emotional Wellbeing decreasing with our Inability to have a baby.  This is my worst fear. As we continue to learn more and continue this journey of infertility and adoption, I struggle with my emotions and ability to cope. This is a difficult battle in my world.

What am I most excited about in 2014?
A more transparent relationship with my Lord
A more vulnerable relationship with Ryan
A more Authentic Me!
Finding Rest in the season of life that I am in!

Intentions – What do you intend to do/what actions can you take in 2014 to invite your word into your life?

Rest at Home
·         Refresh our Bedrooms and Office
o   New Bed/Bedding/Mattress
§  Lots of Soft Pillows and Bedding for Napping and Sleeping
§  Soft Lighting and Scents
o   Office
§  Desk to Write and Edit Photos on
·         Daily Routine and Cleaning Schedule

Emotional Rest
·         Reading – Fiction, Non-Fiction, Christian Focused
·         Date Nights with Ryan – Focusing on connection and romance
·         Time with my Aunt Janet – I miss her and want to spend on purpose time with her.
·         Vacations
o   A couple long weekends
§  Mesa AZ
§  Vegas
§  Snow
o   A Trip to Washington DC

Physical Rest
·         Get Blood Sugar Under Control
·         24 Day Advocare Challenge
·         Spa Days
·         Chiro/Acupuncture
·         Weight Loss/Be more Active
·         Naps

Spiritual Rest
·         Daily Time with my God
·         Sunday’s at Church
o   Find a small group
·         Focus on Worship
o   Playing Guitar
·         Writing Blog Posts

·         Keeping the Sabbath Holy

1/31/2014 CY365 One Little Word Rest

A 24 Day Challenge
A friends Wild Idea
Its starts on Monday 2/3/14

I am taking the challenge, with my friend.
The contents of this box are the pieces of the Advocare System which supports the 24 Day Challenge.
You can find more details about this Program here.

I am looking forward to lower blood sugars, relief of cravings, and hopefully a few pounds gone! I am finding Rest in planning the next 24 days, setting goals, and looking forward to what Day 25 might feel like!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

1/30/2014 CY365 One Little Word Rest

We are working on refreshing the bedrooms at our Home. We are painting, carpeting, and getting new light fixtures. This is the first bedroom that we are close to finishing. Its the first guestroom upstairs. We are moving into this room over the weekend so we can get started on refreshing the master bedroom.

Ryan spent some time installing some blinds in this room, after painting the trim! I just love how this room has turned out so far! The colors are two shades of green (this picture has been edited a bit so the colors aren't true), they are warm and soft and I feel really at peace in the room.

After posting this picture on Instagram and Facebook, Ryan has been renamed Ry Pennington....a play on the most famous Ty Pennington of Home Makeover Celebrity. I am so thankful that Ryan is willing to use his talents to help around our home! This willingness gives me Rest, as I can work on other things instead of struggling with these types of activities.

I love me a man with Power tools!

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

1/29/14 CY365 One Little Word Rest

We have renamed our home Puppy Place this week. 
The addition of Macy to our little world creates a pack of puppies. 
We have lots of barking, growling, and jealousy as well and silly playing and antics all around us! 

Diesel and Macy are often engaged in a tug o war over whatever toy is the tastiest at the moment. Diesel continues to be weary of Macy at times, but everyday that goes by they seem to be more at peace with each other. 

I find Rest in knowing that we can help out my parents by watching their sweet girl dog. They do so much for us, its nice to be able to do something in return. 

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

1/28/14 CY365 One Little Word Rest

My Mom has been sending emails, describing their trip and the activities of their days in Mexico.

I love seeing her words and thoughts. Her heart has been touched so very much by the things that she is seeing and the people that have crossed her path.

I just love her faithfulness to our God, and that her heart breaks with the things that breaks his!

She is such an amazing example and I love her so very much!

Her emails help me miss her a bit less, and I find Rest in that!

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Monday, January 27, 2014

1/27/14 CY365 One Little Word Rest

There is something really sweet about having a couple of littles running around our home. 

I love being a Great Aunt to these two monkeys, they just crack me up!   We had such a fun night with dinner and movie watching with them and their Momma. It was a great way to start off our week! Although these kiddo's keep me on our toes, I find great emotional Rest in their giggles and sweet smiles! There is something so refreshing about them! 

She is so quick, So full of life, and provides endless amounts of giggles and smiles! 

He is all boy, all the time!! With the occasional cuddle moments! 

I really don't know what is happening here...She was doing gymnastics on our couch or something to that effect! Her Uncle thinks she is beyond silly. 

These are Southern Apple Dumplings, and they are of the Devil! Pinterest is of the Devil!! I need to break up with both of them!!  You can find the Recipe here:

Got any Pinterest Dessert recipe's I need to know about, before I break up with it?

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

1/26/14 CY365 One Little Word Rest

These are my legs.
In shorts.
In Flip-flops.


Forgive the whiteness….it will blind you if you stare to long.

One of the amazing gifts of living in Southern California is that I can wear shorts in January! Well at least this year!

I find great Rest in this! I could live in flip flops 12 months a year with out much question, except for Ugg wearing weather. That could be a difficult choice for me! Ryan and I have thrown around the idea of moving out of state a few times in our marriage. And just when I think I can't take the population, traffic, or pace of life, we have a month like this and the Glorious Southern California Weather blows all thoughts of moving away!

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

1/25/14 CY365 One Little Word Rest

These are my parents.
On a Plane
On FaceTime
Talking to Sweet little ole me!

These are my parents.
On a Plane
On FaceTime
Talking to Their Sweet Girl Dog, Macy

Can you tell that they were so much happier to talk to her! Im going to have to have a conversation with them about this….its a problem!

Were watching Macy, while they are down in Mexico on a Mission Trip! And they were taking a moment to say goodbye before they took off!

I love that they are embracing technology.

I find Rest in technology, like the little application that told me their plane had arrived safely, or the email that I received from them letting us know they were safe in their hotel! It take my anxiety down a few notches!

I ask for continued prayers of travel mercies and work for God's glory while they are down in Mexico!

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Friday, January 24, 2014

1/24/14 CY365 One Little Word Rest

This is one of the original rivets (1937) from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. This is an award that my Dad received at work. The award represents someone who like a rivet excels and consistently holds a team together.  I love the creativity in this presentation.

Although this was received as a huge honor for my dad, one that he is proud of personally, I was not in the least bit surprised that he received it. My Dad is one of the most honest, hard working, God loving, amazingly sweet, and strong men I know. He has mad people skills, and excels at supporting, leading, and driving success both in his work life and personal life.  He has and continues to be a rivet in our family. I am so very blessed to be his daughter.

My parents leave tomorrow to head down to Mexico to help a village of local Indians continue to build their church. My Dad will be using his carpentry skills to help build a pulpit. I really can't imagine a better use of the talents God gave him!

As my parents travel to a place in this world that isn't all that safe, I find Rest in knowing that God is protecting their trip, and that he has them in is hands. If your of the praying sort, we ask for travel mercies and that every moment that they are down in Mexico is used for the Glory of God!

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

1/23/14 CY365 One Little Word Rest

This picture CRACKS me up!!!

This was my lunch at my desk! Its a custom smoothie from Mothers Market, which is located within walking distance from my office. I like killing two birds with one stone, walking and something healthy to eat.  This smoothie was super yummy, mixed fruit base with Mango and Pineapple! YUMMO!!

But what cracks me up is the spectrum of emotion that is represented. The Rest that comes from healthy choices and my mouse pad expressing the struggles of my day job!  Its a cycle of emotions that comes full circle just about every day! Luckily its hard to scream when you are sucking down something yummy!

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

1/22/14 CY365 One Little Word Rest

I call this "Pork Chops all a Candle Light"

This is one of Ryan's Favorite Meals! Shake and Bake Pork Chops, Mac N Cheese, and Veggies.

Its one of those means that I can put together and server up on auto pilot. Which provides my brain Rest. I love to cook, especially for this man of mine! Im a Pinterest cooking junkie, and new recipe trying city girl. However, there are some nights when I am perfectly happy to makes some good ole simple yumminess! I am super thankful that Ryan enjoys it as well!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1/21/14 CY365 One Little Word Rest

This was the view on my drive home. It was a weird erie night, where fog actually rolled into the surrounding neighborhoods.

It actually felt like more of a mist than a fog.

Have you seen the movie The Mist? We did, a few years back. Im a fan of scary movies, as long as I can hide behind a blanket, husband, or available dog.  As I recall back to watching this movie, I remember lots of interesting conversation. The ending is pretty dark, but adds interesting perspective that most run of the mill scifi/horror movies don't.

I find Rest knowing that the fog on my way home was just that…fog. However if you happened to be my neighbor, you might have watched me run into the house as if something was chasing me….Fog in general just creeps me out!

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Monday, January 20, 2014

1/20/14 CY365 One Little Word Rest

This is my Bronco's Glass. Its a Tervis brand glass and can hold hot or cold contents. Im sort of CRAZY about it! I got it at Bed Bath and Beyond and used one of their famous coupons! Good Stuff!!

Im trying to get some health issues under control as part of my Life Plan for this year. One of those goals includes drinking more water daily! This glass helps me with this, I mean if I have to drink boring water I might as well have a super great glass to drink it in right!

I am finding Rest in taking action to getting health, even though its not the easiest thing for me to do!

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

1/19/14 CY365 One Little Word Rest

Mom vs Daughter

Patriots vs Broncos

We came, We stomped, We WON!!! Lets go Broncos Lets go!!

Something about being in my parents home creates a sense of Rest for me. I just love them! We had a great afternoon watching football and sharing life together!!

I am so super excited about the Superbowl!!!  One Superbowl party coming up!!

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

1/18/14 CY365 One Little Word Rest

I needed to stop at Joann's to finish a Birthday Present…Ryan was such a good sport and decided that we could add the stop to a couple of errands that "We" were going on together. Then there was a 30 minute wait at the cut table. I don't know about you, but there is nothing worse than going to a fabric store and having to wait to have your fabric cut. You would think that would be the place to staff up.

In all of his infinite wisdom and imagination his text above cracked me up! I do love me a craft/fabric store. I find great Rest in being creative, even if Im just re-creating someones else's great idea!

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Friday, January 17, 2014

1/17/14 CY365 One Little Word Rest

We had wild date night plans. Our house is near the Golf N Stuff that was made famous in the first Karate Kid movie. The Golf N Stuff is also down the street from Bob's Big Boy, a favorite Burger joint.

We were going to have the Ultimate Karate Kid Date Night. I know…AMAZEBALLS…as Ryan is keen on saying these days! Until I got sick two weeks ago, and the plague continued.  Needless to say when our Date Night rolled around I had a diagnosed sinus infection, and was not quite in the mood to play a round of miniature golf.

We were able to make it to Bob's for dinner, and there was a crazy car show going on! I caught myself keeping an eye out for Vin Diesel, in case he made an appearance. A girl can dream.  We enjoyed burgers and soda, and of course Ryan had a hot fudge cake for dessert.

I am so thankful for this Unstoppable Man, and his willingness to slow down, and let me Rest for our Datenight!

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January15, 2014 A day that came and went

January 15 2013

We woke up in a hotel room that smelled a little funny after spending most of the night tossing and turning, and sleeping extra close to one another. 

We woke up early, Check in was early, Surgery was early, everything was early

Most days I feel the weight of growing older, that morning I felt too young. Too young to have a husband having surgery to remove cancer from his skull, too young to walk him through recovery, too young to ponder what the next year of our lives would look like.

I hoped and prayed, we hoped and prayed, our families and friends hoped and prayed.

It was by far the longest day of my life.

A best friend surprised me, taking a day off of work to spend her hours supporting me.

Saying goodbye to him as they took him back wrecked my heart.  How does one express the fear that comes from watching strangers take the man who is your heart away, knowing that he will never be the same?

Our parents, his siblings, and friends joined me as we waited, and waited, and waited. We watched the clocks and a status board. Technology at its best and worst still doesn't make the anxiety easier.  

Wishing I was hungry.
Wishing I hadn't eaten. 
Lots of comfort snacks and hugs. 
The minutes kept ticking past.

I suck at waiting.

One of his doctors appears. An iPhone appears. Pictures appear. Ryan on an operating table, his head, the hole, it’s huge! Is that his brain???  In those moments the enormity of the situation strikes completely. He will never be the same.  I can feel my soul breaking. He will never be the same.  I crumble and retreat into myself.

I am supported by loved ones who allow me the space and quiet to absorb the truth of what’s happening, and still offer shoulders for support and touches of hope.

In all of those moments my God showed up. As I contemplated my fears and hopes for the future he showed up. My Lord rested patiently in the depths of my heart and waited for me to break. And in the moments when I could not take any more; any more worry, any more waiting, any more frustration, he called to me quietly.  I saw him in the faces of my loved ones, in the comfort of a Butterfly pillow, in the words of my husband on a card that came with flowers he had delivered while he was in surgery. My God showed up!

As we waited, more doctors appeared. The surgery was finished, everything went well, he was resting, and at their guidance we should too. We had a long road ahead of us.Tears, Tears, and more tears.  Thankful Tears, Hopeful Tears, Tears of Love. Tears of Fear not knowing what would come next.

We had a bit of a celebratory meal; pancakes seemed to be the thing to soothe my weary heart and stomach.  A phone call letting us know that he was heading to his room from recovery earlier than we had planned induced a bit of chaos. I had a need to see him, I felt like every red light was an act of war against my heart.

We arrived just as he was wheeled across the hallway to the ICU from recovery. His eyes were barely open. His body was badly wounded. The surgery site was very visible and more than I could endure. I remember wanting to run away, to hide, I knew that he would hate me for pressuring him to start the journey, because this was not how either of us had anticipated it ending. He would never be the same.

If I’m being completely honest the story of that day really ends here, mainly because everything after seeing him in that moment becomes a blur. I know that there were friends and family who visited. I know that he was in and out for most of the night.

I can remember the first time he squeezed my hand that night. And the first time his eyes actually focused on mine. I can remember praying that he would sleep the best sleep of his life, because the next day and the moments of reality that would follow would be some of his worst.

And then I remember moments and thoughts of grace and compassion with my Lord. Ryan was alive. The surgery was successful. He would recover and move forward. Our prayers were answered. This was just going to be a season in our lives, and although he would never be the same, he was with me and we would continue our journey together. God was so Faithful!

As we reached the anniversary of Ryan’s surgery this year, it almost flew by without notice.  The past few months have been more normal than the first few months after the surgery. 

The road of recovery has been hard. The shock of the wound left on his head and skull was nothing compared to the shock that came from the wound where the vascular graft was removed from his arm. Those silly doctors thought I would be able to pack and dress that wound. Which in the end I was capable of doing, once the queasiness and fear of hurting him went away. 

 There is so much I can say about the last 12 months. So much has changed, but my sweet husband lives and continues to thrive. He has changed. He is not the same man that was rolled away to the operating room. We still have dark days and moments of vulnerability that come with this human existence. There are struggles and emotional pain, as well as physical discomfort and tweaks. However, there are also moments when I see a very different version of Ryan emerging. One who is more mature, who lives and loves wholeheartedly, understands hope, and one who connects with his faith and our Lord on a very different level than ever before.

We celebrate this Anniversary. We celebrate Ryan’s clean bill of health and our dreams for tomorrow. We are so very thankful to our Precious Families and Friends who stood and stand by us. We celebrate the blessings of a Loving God.

With mixed feelings, I am thankful that January 15, 2014 flew by without much hoopla. It is proof that we are in a new season of our lives, and I find great comfort and rest in that.

My God is Good, My Lord is Faithful, My Jesus loves my Husband!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

1/16/14 CY365 One Little Word Rest

We are friends she and I, the kind of friends who have only known each other for a couple years, but we know we were separated at birth some how.

I admire so much about her, her strength, compassion, hope, and direct personality. If I start walking crooked I know that she will kick me back to the straight and narrow!

We celebrated her birthday with dinner and a movie. We saw August: Osage County. I thought it was supposed to be a comedy. I was wrong. Although I really did feel the need to break some dishes.  I left the theater wanting an extra dose of PM Cold Medicine, my puppies, and a place to crawl into the fetal position and just cry a bit. It was intense, the acting superb, I felt like we had just watched Julia Roberts unfold her masterpiece. Its a movie that will take me some time to recover from.

As I wished this sweet girl a Happy Birthday, I found my self so very thankful for her, and the Rest that comes in sharing life with a her!

Happy Birthday Michele!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1/15/14 CY365 One Little Word Rest

I start most week days listening to the local AM Radio Talk Station, as I put on my makeup and mess with my hair. I often learn my current events, and politico topics in the half hour it takes me to be prepared to face humanity!

As I listened this morning I learned about a fire that was burning in the city of Glendora. This city in my early morning stupor was a million miles away. Until I started my drive to work, and I noticed an ominous cloud of smoke crossing the horizon of our street.

Glendora is quite far away from our home, which brought me great Rest of mind. As I prayed for the residents of Glendora that were impacted by the fire, I found myself very thankful for our home, and that it was safe.

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

1/14/14 CY365 One Little Word Rest

I love routine, or well I really want to. 
One of my goals for 2014 is to memorize a verse of the bible each week. 
I am joining Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience with The Jesus Project. I love the way she is working the Book of John, and her systematic approach. The cadence warms my heart and gives me Rest. This is week 2 verse, its on the dashboard of my car, and at my desk as work! I find it helpful and insightful to have little reminders in my day!

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Monday, January 13, 2014

1/13/14 CY365 One Little Word Rest

I continue to fight this cold, and ponder if perhaps its moved to a sinus infection. Ohhhh geeeeeez.

Ryan and I carpool to work most days of the week. Most days he drives to work, and I drive home. Lately he is had been doing both so I can Rest. I am so thankful for his thoughtful consideration of me in moments like this. He really is the most Amazing husband.

I have let him down in so many areas this week with being sick, and he has taken it in stride. I really just want to breathe and sleep when I am not at work.  I foresee lots of home cooked goodness in the future once I recover from this plague.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

1/12/14 CY365 One Little Word Rest

Sunday Sunday Sunday!!! Oh how I love Sundays!

Church, Brunch, Football, Family, Friends, Yummy Goodness....Oh what a most wonderful day!!

My Bronco's won yesterday! Yes I'm a proud California Girl! Yes they were playing the Chargers (A California team)!  No I don't care that we beat them to a pulp!!!  It was determined that my love of the Broncos started some 16 years ago. I was a freshman in college at the University of Wyoming and my boyfriend at the time loved the team. I  fully committed to the Bronco bandwagon!

This dip in the above picture is called Pizza Dip. It is pretty much nectar of the gods good! I double the recipe here at Closet Cooking and skipped the peppers and olives!  I only make it once a year, its so rich you need that much time to recover from it!!

We had family and friends over to watch the game. They are all people that I can Rest in the knowledge that they laugh at me while I scream "Rip their heads off" and "Whats wrong with you, do you need a map?" Its what I do!! I'm just thankful to have people who love me through it!

Oh...And I have a question for all those football fans like my Amazing Mom who is a Patriots fan...

Got Peyton?? Because we do!!

There may be blood by the end of next weeks game...

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

1/11/14 CY365 One Little Word Rest

This little guy is our Grand Nephew! We are kind of crazy about him! We had an over night play date on Saturday night with him!

He is just so easy and sweet, and adds so much joy when he is around. We spent lots of time playing, reading, and defending him from the Puppies. Our wild pack (of two) 10lb and under dogs just don't understand why we need anyone under three feet tall in their house screaming, giggling, and playing with their toys.

As the night wound down there was time for lots of cuddling and rest!! This sweet boy is welcome anytime he wants to be spoiled by us!

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Friday, January 10, 2014

1/10/14 CY365 One Little Word Rest

This is not Rest. This is a 4am conference call with our business partners for the Project I am working on.  4am is not a hour of the day that anyone should be awake!  Im pretty sure this is the hour when my brain is normally repairing itself from the previous day. On top of being sick, my brain is now hazy and not firing well.  Luckily I am in the middle of working from home/sick day. A nap this afternoon will be mandatory.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

1/9/14 CY365 One Little Word Rest

I was fighting the good fight…I was taking all my vitamins, taking emergenCy, and on a steady dose of Nighttime and Daytime Cold Medicine, but nothing could stop this Cold Train!

Im completely sick, everyone around me has been passing the bug and I finally got it.  I find myself very thankful for the invention of Nighttime cold medicine. It totally provides me the Rest I need to get well soon!

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1/8/14 CY365 One Little Word Rest

This is my Mind Map for my 2014 Goals...or well a piece of it.  To most people, including Ryan this is a scary representation of how my brain works. To me...this is Rest. I love the process of using a tool like this to take my abstract thoughts, and break them down into to workable goals.  I'm a project manager, I organize tasks and deliverables for a living, and decomposing and tracking things is a passion.

Taking a few moments, actually hours to align what I need,want,hope to do for 2014 and getting it down on paper makes my genetic code happy! And when I am in alignment with who I am at my core, I am able to Rest. 

I am praying over this plans, knowing that my God will either support them or shake things up!!

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

1/7/14 CY365 One Little Word Rest

I just love Lions...Love Love Love them!!! To my surprise I found this one in a very odd place....The hallway at the local Olive Garden in the mall near our house.

Late in the afternoon I realized that I hadn't put out the meat I needed to cook dinner. Ryan in all of his wonderful mercy earned the title of BEST HUSBAND EVER, by taking me out to dinner!  I'm pretty sure he was guarding himself from what could have been a terrible hormonal breakdown of the monthly variety if you Ladies out there know what I mean. He's a pretty smart guy!

I was very thankful to find a few moments of Rest while dipping my bread sticks into Alfredo goodness and sharing our days with each other!

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Monday, January 6, 2014

1/6/14 CY365 One Little Word Rest

Today at lunch I had an opportunity to take a bit of a walk, drink some juice, and share time with a long  time friend. Our friendship is easy, she is kind, loving, and just the right amount of crazy to add all sorts of wonderful laughter to my world. 

The comfort I find in my friendship with her, creates wonderful moments of rest! I am so thankful for time shared together with her! She has and continues to be a sweet angel in my life. 

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The Simple Woman Daybook - 1/6/13

I'm joining in with The Simple Woman Daybook today.

FOR TODAY 1/6/13

Outside my window...Mostly Sunny and 48 Degrees, another Glorious Southern California Morning!!

Praising God...for friends who have honest mechanics. Ryan's car is in the shop with a new mechanic that we really like. Hoping the financial damage isn't too bad. 

In Prayer For...a baby. I'm learning to turn my worries into prayers, which takes up much of my thought life these days. 

I am thinking...about one of my closest friends who is home sick today. 

I am thankful...for my home. We have a significantly high homeless rate in the surrounding areas near our home. It hearts my heart to see, and makes me so very thankful at the same time. 

In the kitchen...Lots of home cooked meals planned for this week. We are following in suit with the other billions of new years resolution's of losing weight and saving money. I am killing both birds by cooking more.

I am wearing...a favorite black and white top, black slacks, and black Mary Jane flats. Accessorized with a really great Lion Bracelet and matching earrings. I received the Naked 3 Eye Shadow Pallet from Urban Decay for Christmas. Its been fun playing with the variety of pink shades.

I am creating...a banner for 2014 using the Cricut machine my MIL gave me last year for Christmas and has just been out the box for the first time, our 2013 Photo book, and wrapping up the editing of shots from a Wedding last year.

I am reading... See my Reading List 

I am looking forward to...Getting back with my Bible Study Ladies next week.

I am learning.. to Play the Guitar...or at least I will be in February when classes start up with the City we live in.  

Around the house... we are prepping to finish our guest room painting. 

One of my favorite things...Massage Envy, we have our next monthly appointment scheduled for Saturday morning. Its nice to have a few moments to relax with Ryan in their couples massage room. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: Finishing up Decorating for January, our New Year Planning, and Dinner with my Parents and Aunt and Uncle over the weekend. 

A peek into my day...

Sunday, January 5, 2014

1/5/14 CY365 One Little Word Rest

One of our key areas of focus for 2014 is to start regularly attending our Church on Sunday Morning! Surgery, moving, work, sickness, and just being tired, were all excuses that we used in 2013 as everything else came first to Church in our lives.  As we reached the holidays late last year, Ryan and I both realized how much we missed our church family and fellowship that comes from worshiping and learning within the body of Christ.

Our church Calvary Church of Santa Ana, started a new series today on Romans. During the service our Pastor Dave Mitchell, used the first verses of Romans to define what the term "The Gospel" means. Simply put, it the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Focusing on this simple truth brought me Rest.  Knowing that I am a sinner and that Christ (both fully God and fully Man) sacrificed his life for my sins helps empower me on other goals that I have for this year.

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Saturday, January 4, 2014

1/4/13 CY365 One Little Word Rest

We received a special piece of mail! This is the hand print of Ruth Abigail the little girl we are sponsoring through World Vision. She calls Ecuador her home, and she is often in our thoughts, and always in our prayers.

I find Rest in knowing that our support is helping her, her family, and their village have better lives! God has blessed us so faithfully, and I am grateful and humbled by this opportunity. Her hand is so small, it warms my heart hoping that she enjoyed whatever moments she spent making this gift.  Most little ones seem to like finger painting. The paint's texture on paper provides a connection, for a few brief moments as I rest my hand on her's I pray that she is safe, comfortable and loved.

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Friday, January 3, 2014

1/3/14 CY365 One Little Word Rest

This little dog knows how to rest. He has very little worry in his world, and it is evident in the number of times a day that he can be found rolled up in a little ball like this, totally asleep or at ease while our lives go spinning on.

There are moments in my craziness that his peaceful rest baffles me. I realize in those moments that if I trust in my lord to meet my needs, I too find Rest.

Rest well little Opie.

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

1/2/14 CY365 One Little Word Rest

I started the day sneezing …which turned into a stuffed up nose and now a bit of exhaustion…I will not get sick I will not get sick…at least not until the weekend. Thanks Body…your timing is AMAZING!!

I found a few moments this evening to Rest in our room. This was also while Ryan and I were having a disagreement. You say tomato….I say tomato…. I needed some distance to dry my runny nose in peace.

So here I sit…a bit lonely, a bit whiney, and on the down hill slide to this cold that is attacking my ability to be sweet and loving. Not a good excuse I know that, but don't tell the cute guy sitting on the couch downstairs.

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome to 2014 - CY365 and One Little Word

Welcome to 2014!!

I am joining Capture Your 365 for their photo a day Challenge, however with a twist!

Im using this project as a supplement to Ali Edward's One Little Word 2014 Workshop.  I will be documenting my One Little Word instead of using the prompts with the Photo Challenge.

My word for 2014 is Rest.

This is Opie, he believes that he is king of our castle. I started 2014 with this cute face waking me from some much needed Rest

As we closed out 2013 and I started to think about my word for 2014 and Rest laid heavy on my heart. 2013 was a year jammed packed with Blessings, Answered Prayers, Healing, Hard work, and Change. As I look back I see the growth in my life. The continued closeness with my Lord. The Love that Ryan  and I share. The relationships that continue to grow with our Family and Friends. Successes at my day job, as well as with my Photography company.  With every struggle I was blessed with an opportunity to see God in my world.  As we celebrated the end of 2013 I found myself so very thankful, but tired.

I am going to take the opportunity to invite Rest into my life for 2014. I felt selfish with this word at first, but have come to terms with that. I want to find Rest in my Lord, in my Husband, in the relationships we have, as well as finding ways to incorporate Rest in the work, goals, and changes that will no doubt highlight 2014.