Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Silliness

Saturdays are one of my favorite days! They are often full of fun things, trips to the park, errands, or just plain Silliness!!!

Today was our sweet Diesel's 1st Birthday. Unfortunately my husband was feeling a bit under the weather so we left him home to rest. But we had lots of silly fun on our own!

In good family Tradition we took him to our favorite breakfast spot, the Park Bench Cafe.

This outdoor cafe is super special because its outside and they even have their own doggie menu.
With some of family and friends we spent the morning enjoying the beautiful sunny warm day and our cute fur kids!

And we even got to play with the ducks!

At the end of it all, my boys were tuckered out!

It was a great adventure with wonderful silliness! The perfect way to start a Saturday!
Did you have any time to do anythign silly today? I would love to hear about it!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Show & Tell Friday - February 27, 2009

Recently I have been touched by lots of reminders of springs. Like most girls I love Flowers.

My Mom gave me this precious violet. The scary its real...I have a terrible time keeping anything growing, and succeed much more with plastic plants that just need a bit of dusting.

As all great Mom's do, she had thought ahead...She got me a self watering flower pot!

All I have to do is fill up the outer container and let it go! What a ingenious design. I LOVE IT!

I have added watering my little flowering friend to my weekly cleaning schedule and hope that we have a long life together!

Diesel even likes to stop and smell the flowers!
Wish me luck!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday - February 26, 2009

This week I am thankful for the beginning signs of Spring.

This years changes have not only been in the blooming flowers in my little plot of dirt, but also in so many other areas of our lives.
My husband and I have recently started working on our relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. This change has brought a sense of peace and comfort to both our marriage and the relationships we nurture with the people God brings into our lives. Most recently bridge building has begun to bridge a gap in our family.

We have also put a priority with getting healthy, losing some weight, and maintaining lifestyle choices that we feel will be positive to our futures.

Each new bloom that blossoms in or around our home is a constant reminder of the blessing that comes with allowing God to take the reigns in our lives as we wait patiently for his perfect time!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Love on Wednesday - February 25, 2009

Love for me this week is defined by stretching and growing.

In the almost two years that I have been married I have been extended, humbled, and broken at times. The ebb and flow of life and family had started taking its toll on my heart, until I let myself find a safe harbor in my Lord, and in my Husband.
This new outlook has helped us deal with unexpected crisis, emotional damage and the day to day folly with a peace of mind and hope. We find ourselves looking for new adventures to bravely face our fears and take steps together hand in hand in faith.

This picture is a recent reminder of our new outlook on Love.

We rode in a basket attached to a Giant Helium Balloon in Irvine California for Valentine’s Day. I am terribly scared of heights, and the anticipation of floating to 400ft in the air was surpassing any joy I could find in the escapade.

As I held very tightly to the railing in the basket I tried my hardest to put my fear aside and take a deep breath….that is until…the basket started floating…. This picture was from the 30 seconds in the entire 10 minute ride that my eyes were actually Open!

With great joy we landed perfectly safe, my husband was quite content with the journey and the anticipation of telling all of our loved ones just how silly I was in my state of panic. I look with great anticipation for the continued adventures that God will place in our future to grow our love.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thank heavens for little boys….

Who grow up to be great Men!!
As some might know we have been dealing with a PLAGUE of furry little critters running around our home…Well …to be honest…so far it’s only been 3 of the little guys, but it still feels like a tremendous upheaval in our little world.

This last weekend was the pinnacle of my frustration over these little creatures. I opened drawers in my kitchen to find their nests made in my linens, place mats, and pot holders. Lots of treasured things were lost.
After washing what I could, and throwing away what I couldn’t bleach, wash, or sanitize, I was terribly distraught. Then I found this….
These little critters had pulled two of my placemats into the WALL!! WHATEVER!!
Who do I call – Rat Busters (AKA: Ryan my husband and Dave my Dad)

Ryan bravely faced (note the look of excitement on his face) the task of cleaning and retrieving one of the placemats, while the dogs and I ran around screaming because WE (the dogs and I) were sure there was going to be a rat hiding somewhere in all the mess.

After more bleaching and cleaning, we decided that it might be a good idea to close up any holes in the walls where they might be coming in from. We believe our Landlord trapped them in our walls when he closed up the hole they were coming in from the outdoors.

One of the great things about having a carpenter for a father is he is really extra handy! Within no-time our walls were all patched up and we are hoping the little guys will find another way out….just not in our house.

We now have walls that make noises, Diesel and Opie are finding it hard not to paw and bark at them.
I am really proud to be the wife and daughter of these guys! They continue to save me….from myself at times!

Anyone know an exterminator?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday - February 23, 2009

We have a busy week this week with lots of plans over the weekend, so we are eating out a bit more than normal.

Monday – Drive Thru Dinner
Tuesday – BBQ Ranch Chicken, Chicken Flavored Rice, Corn, Garlic Bread
Wednesday – Pork Chops, Mac N Cheese, Home Made Apple Sauce
Thursday – Beef Stroganoff, Peas, Pears, Garlic Bread
Friday – Date Night Out
Saturday – Out to Dinner with some friends
Sunday –Taylor Taco’s with Rice and Beans

The Simple Woman's Daybook - February 23,2009

FOR TODAY ... February 23, 2009

Outside my window... another rain cloud. Southern California seems to shut down with the slightest rain drop! Brake lights look pretty in the blur of rain drops.

I am thinking... that today is going to be a great day! I made it to the gym this morning for the first time in a couple of years! We hope to work on starting our family soon. I want to be as healthy as possible for that.

I am thankful for...Our jobs…every day is a gift!

From the kitchen... Not much, unfortunately. I have Bible Study Fellowship tonight so we normally eat on the fly as we come home.

I am wearing... Purple Top, Black Slacks, Open Toed Sandals with short heals.

I am creating... I am waiting for an Apron Pattern to arrive in the mail. Excited to get some fabric and start working on it.

I am going... To BSF tonight, tonight is our Fellowship night, so I hope to have time to stop by early and join in.

I am reading... The Love Dare – Day One

I am hoping... that my Mom is feeling better today. She caught a horrible cold bug last week and it hasn’t quite let go of her yet.

I am hearing... Phones, Typing, Talking, all of my favorite signs of busyness and productivity.

Around the house... We have another uninvited furry critter at our house. We set a trap last night with not much success. Hoping if we set a few more tonight we might have victory!

One of my favorite things... Rainbows – We saw a giant one last week on our way into work one morning. I am hoping to see another one with this new storm rolling in. A wonderful reminder of Gods promise!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Doctors Appointment, Diesel’s Birthday Party at the Dog Park on Saturday, Lean Six Sigma Training at work

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

These are our Silly Puppies, they were hanging out for some cuddle time!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook - February 16, 2009

I had computer issues yesterday and wasn’t able to post this on time, so I am posting today!

FOR TODAY 2/16/09

Outside my window... Rain – Lots of it!

I am thinking... about Gods role in my life. Trying to make changes to make sure that he is the center of it all!

I am thankful for... the day off work to relax and enjoy my home and the people and creatures who live and love in it.

From the kitchen...Carrot Cake that our friend Paul made. My husband loves Carrot Cake!

I am wearing... My Pink PJ Bottoms, Pink Tank Top, Angel’s sweat shirt, and Slippers

I am going... to BSF tonight. Enjoying this new adventure.

I am hoping...that God works magic in the life of a dear friend. He is struggling greatly!

I am hearing... Video Games, Puppies Barking, Rain Falling! All some of my favorite sounds!Around the house...lots of relaxing, laughter, and warm blankets.

One of my favorite things...Tommy’s Burgers. We had them for lunch! Yummy Goodness!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Game night with our Life Group From Church on Friday, Dinner with good friends on Saturday.

Here is picture thought I am sharing... (Roses from my husband and cookies my Mom made for Valentines day!)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Things I Love

I saw this on another blog, and thought it would be fun to do for Valentine's day!

All you have to do is give three answers for each question.

Three Things I Love about My Husband (wife, boyfriend/girlfriend):
1. his sense of humor
2. his Kisses
3. his heart for the Lord

Three Things I Love in a Friend:
1. a sense of humor
2. loyalty
3. patience

Three Things I Love in a Book:
1. Romance
2. Adventure
3. History

Three Things I Love in a Movie:
1. Romance
2. Adventure
3. Suspence

Three Things I Love to Eat:
1. Mozerella Sticks
2. French Fries with Ranch
3. Torts with Alfredo from Sonnys

Three Things I Love to Do:
1. Play with my puppies
2. Sew
3. Love on my Husband

Three Things I Love to Watch:
1. My TV Shows
2. The Ocean
3. The Rain

Three Things I'd Love to Happen:
1. To lose weight
2. To be a Stay at Home Wife
3. To be a Mom