Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thank heavens for little boys….

Who grow up to be great Men!!
As some might know we have been dealing with a PLAGUE of furry little critters running around our home…Well …to be honest…so far it’s only been 3 of the little guys, but it still feels like a tremendous upheaval in our little world.

This last weekend was the pinnacle of my frustration over these little creatures. I opened drawers in my kitchen to find their nests made in my linens, place mats, and pot holders. Lots of treasured things were lost.
After washing what I could, and throwing away what I couldn’t bleach, wash, or sanitize, I was terribly distraught. Then I found this….
These little critters had pulled two of my placemats into the WALL!! WHATEVER!!
Who do I call – Rat Busters (AKA: Ryan my husband and Dave my Dad)

Ryan bravely faced (note the look of excitement on his face) the task of cleaning and retrieving one of the placemats, while the dogs and I ran around screaming because WE (the dogs and I) were sure there was going to be a rat hiding somewhere in all the mess.

After more bleaching and cleaning, we decided that it might be a good idea to close up any holes in the walls where they might be coming in from. We believe our Landlord trapped them in our walls when he closed up the hole they were coming in from the outdoors.

One of the great things about having a carpenter for a father is he is really extra handy! Within no-time our walls were all patched up and we are hoping the little guys will find another way out….just not in our house.

We now have walls that make noises, Diesel and Opie are finding it hard not to paw and bark at them.
I am really proud to be the wife and daughter of these guys! They continue to save me….from myself at times!

Anyone know an exterminator?

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