Friday, February 27, 2009

Show & Tell Friday - February 27, 2009

Recently I have been touched by lots of reminders of springs. Like most girls I love Flowers.

My Mom gave me this precious violet. The scary its real...I have a terrible time keeping anything growing, and succeed much more with plastic plants that just need a bit of dusting.

As all great Mom's do, she had thought ahead...She got me a self watering flower pot!

All I have to do is fill up the outer container and let it go! What a ingenious design. I LOVE IT!

I have added watering my little flowering friend to my weekly cleaning schedule and hope that we have a long life together!

Diesel even likes to stop and smell the flowers!
Wish me luck!!!


  1. Your african violets are beautiful,mine do not have any blooms right now.

  2. The self-watering flower pot is a great idea. Leave it to your Mom:)

  3. African violets are nice as you have flowering plants in the winter too! I have most of mine in a bay window. It's getting around to that time of year where I de-leaf and repot-yes, I have that many.
    Be sure to add a few drops of AV food in the water too!

  4. Lovely plant and the self-watering pot makes it easy to give the proper amount of moisture.

  5. I love African Violets and that pot is to die for... Tell your mom she did a great job.

  6. Love African violets, they are one of my favorite house plants. You will love the self waterer, Thank the Lord for Mothers, Sounds like you have a very thoughtful one.!!

  7. My Favorite Aunt has African Violets that are over 20 years old...she has great luck...your Mom had a good idea with the self watering pot.
    By the way...your fur babies are ADORABLE!!!!


  8. Hello;
    Just wanted to drop in and say Hello. This is my first visit to your blog. I'm enjoying my visit. Your dogs Opie & Diesel are adorable.
    Nice African violets too. I've actually never attempted to grow them, my sister-in-law used to have about 50 of them sitting in her window.