Monday, August 25, 2014

Behind the Shutter Vol 1, Issue 8

August 18 -Puppy on a Pile - So I made the puppies beds to match our new bedroom...and then I found Diesel on top of a pile of dirty close IN THE HAMPER!! I guess we know what he thinks of their new beds...

August 19 - Bringing home Dinner - Ryan is the cutest darn Pizza boy on the Planet! Thats all I have to say about the matter!

August 20 - IKEA Shopping - I found some cute bed side tables on line at Ikea's Website.  Ryan in all of his amazing manliness not only shopped with me but put the tables together! This is how he loves me!

August 21 - Guest Room Prep - My Mom has this really wonderful habit of leaving water and snacks in her guest rooms at home. I took to pinterest and some of my favorite blogs and found expanded ideas for guest preparations like Guest Baskets, and Towels and Lamps.  Ryan's Brother and his Wife and Kids arrive tomorrow and we are super excited to have them!

August 22 - We are all horrible People - After our guests arrived and we grubbed on some super yummy Pulled Pork from our old faithful crockpot we decided to sit down for a game of Cards Against Humanity. We are huge fans of Apples to Apples around here, and CAH is a similar game, but an Adult Version.  We had a wonderfully awkward time playing with my Mother in Law! There was lots of laughter and blushing going on!

August 23 -Jello Jiggler Fun - I found USC Jello Jigglers at the market and decided that we should make some for my Brother in Law Erik as he is a huge USC fan! My great niece Bella was hanging out with me, and was a wonderful helper! She is so lovely on the inside an out at 5 years old! She knocks my socks off!

August 24 - True Blood Finale Girls - This is my niece Meagann, she jumped in and surprised us when she road tripped with her Mom out to see us! We shared a special evening with Blankets, Pizza, her cousin, best friend and the True Blood Series Finale. I think we will be in shock for days, Bill dying, Missing Lafayette, and wondering who Sookie's Baby Daddy is.... Oh it was a terrible finale...just terrible...ill be crying in my pillow if you need me!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Behind the Shutter Vol 1, Issue 7

August 11 - Burger Grubbing - With all of the projects we have going on at our house, we have been eating out way too much! When we got home from work, nothing sounding good to eat for dinner so I ended up at a little hole in the wall place called Jim's Burgers  It was pretty Yummo!

August 12 - Cheesecake and Giggles - while shopping for end tables, lamps, and birthday gifts we took a few moments and enjoyed an early in the week date night at the Cheesecake Factory  It was so wonderful to stop and take a breath and a bite together. Having a few moments together really solidifies our relationship and the love that we have! Its good stuff!!

August 13 - Happy Birthday Dad - We celebrated my Dad's Happy Birthday with Shepherds Pie and carrot cake from scratch! My Mom does such a great job loving my Dad! We are so very thankful and blessed to have another year with Him!! He is such a wonderful man!

August 14 - Some days you just have to smile, and wear pink lipstick - I woke up with a scratched eye, I mean who does That in their sleep? This girl does. It was terribly aggravating to deal with all day and I had to remind myself to smile! On the other hand, this incredible cute hair cut I'm sporting totally makes me smile! 

August 15 - Catalina Fun - I spent the day on Catalina Island with my work. We go there once a year as an employee appreciation event. The island is where I met Ryan 10 + years ago, it holds a special place in my heart. I spent much of the day watching many of my co-workers enjoy libations a bit to much, and well as having a few drinks on my own! Its a great time, and one of the things that I love about the company I work for!

August 16 - Snookie Sitting - We watched our niece's Boston terrier Snookie. She is 7 weeks old, and is so sticking adorable! We had to keep her separated from our boys, because she does have all of her shots which made everyone sad! Her sweet puppy breath and and noises made us reminisce about our boys as puppies. We are certainly crazy dog people!

August 17 - August Family Birthdays - We celebrated the August Birthdays in my family here at my house! We grilled kabobs and I made a Vanilla Cake from Scratch! It was so amazing having multiple generations of my family in my home! Its making all of this hard work worth it!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Behind the Shutter Vol 1,Issue 6

August 4 - Slats Slats Slats - Ryan is the king of removing extra slats from blinds. I don't think there is a more complicated process on the planet! Oh how I love how handy he has become! I couldn't help myself, and spent most of this time running around singing "Slats Slats Slats" to that Shot Shot hopeless...

August 5 -Hanging Pictures - We are working on finishing up our room and I picked up four mushy love prints to frame and hang. Thats right ladies and gentlemen, I hammered and hung them perfectly centered and in alignment! Putting two generations of carpenters genes to use!

August 6 - Dressing a room - After shopping at multiple stores, Bed Bath and Beyond with their wonderful  coupons and selection saved two of my guest rooms! I found these amazing twin comforter sets that match our Facebook blue room! I am super excited to see how these rooms are coming together!

August 7 - Monkey Madness - We went to the Angel's Game with the 30's Group from our Church  My parents are the leaders of the group, and we always feel special when they include us in their plans. We were not however, excited that our Angels lost to our cross city rivals the Dodgers. The freeway series failure has all the rally monkeys out in force! My a a little crazy with her navy blue monkey. 

August 8 - Hobby Lobby Problems - Have you heard about this place called Hobby Lobby  Yeah its a problem for me. All of the amazing ideas and creative goodness under one roof is just an anxiety inducing hysteria for me. I can't get out in under 2 hours or with less than $100 spent.  And they have their CHRISTMAS stuff out already. Oh my, Hobby Lobby Problems you all!  This is a pink glass that I was sure I just had to have. Let me tell you my homemade chai latte is just amazing in this glass!

August 9 - Happy Birthday Becky - We celebrated my sister in laws birthday at Outback Steak House as is our tradition! Good steak and amazing dessert, how can you go wrong! We celebrate sharing another year of life with this sweet Woman, and we are thankful to have her in our family!

August 10 - Puppy Pillows - I completed a quick DIY project and made Puppy Pillow Beds for our Bedroom. Joann's had a sale on the Pillow filler and I bought fabric that coordinated with the fabric we used on our head board. The  jury is still out on if they like them. I think Opie feels a bit like the Princess and the Pea, he is refusing to share with Diesel. Silly dogs!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Behind the Shutter Vol. 1, Issue 5

July 28 - Sonic Nerd Yummyness
I'm having a summer love affair with drinks at Sonic. Or in this case, lunch and drink...a drink full of nerds for that matter. Sonic offered its slushy drinks with nerds this summer, and I just couldn't wait to try it.  I cant say that I was totally thrilled with the experience, no nerds for me next time. Something about crunchy candy in my soda straw that just didn't sit right with me. I have texture issues...what can I say. Like that time I tried that boba stuff that was all the rage with the cool kids a few years ago....No I don't want slimy balls of goo in my drink, thank you very much!

July 29 - Dinner with good ole Friends
We had dinner with a friend of Ryan's from junior high who lives in Montana now. He was down visiting with his wife and daughter and we had a wonderful time grabbing some dinner with them. I so enjoy meeting people from other parts of the United States. Their experiences and day to day lives are so very different from ours. They had difficulties conceiving as well, and openly shared their story ending with a successful round of IVF. This was the first opportunity I have had to ask my questions and hear face to face thoughts and experiences about IVF. I was so very blessed by their willingness to share their story and their sweet baby girl with us. She is just a bundle of wonderful!

July 30 - Silly Puppy Love
Oh Diesel, what are we going to do with you, and all of your cuteness. We are starting to notice that he is settling down, and is fully out of his young puppy ways. In my heart I was hoping that he might always have the crazy energy and wild playtime, but this more "mature" version is just as wonderful!

July 31 - Shakespeare in the Park
There is an acting troop called Shakespeare by the Sea that performs plays during the summer at local parks in Southern California. We attended "A Midsummer's Night Dream" at a park in Santa Ana with my parents and their "30's" Bible Study Group. It was a wonderful time, even with a local flock of wild parrots adding background music for us. I was completely blown away by the actors and their skill. I just adore being around people living out their dreams, their passion, their talent! Its a reminder that gets my heard pumping a little faster to live mine!

August 1 - They said I do..
I was the photographer at the wedding for a friend at works son and soon to be daughter in law. This cute sweet couple created a day full of laughter and love! I was so excited to have captured their day!! I just love, Love.

August 2 - We love Jesus
My friend Michele and I went to a women's retreat at her church, for the The Ruth Experience by Patty Bivens. I didn't really know what we were in for, and was so very glad that we went! We learned so much about Ruth and her journey with lots of life lessons and take away's. Especially knowing the difference between mashed garlic and mashed potatoes! We ended our time together with a fun craft of creating prayers boxes. I so treasure having friends that love my Jesus. Michele is such a wonderful support, and our shared faith helps to grow and keep our friendship solid.

August 3- Portillos
We the help of my Mom and Dad we conquered hanging our DIY tufted head board and celebrated with Beef Dip Sandwiches at Portillos . Some close friends said that they were the yummiest in town, and boy were they delicious. Great way to end a Sunday afternoon of hard work!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Behind the Shutter Vol. 1, Issue 4

July 21 - Bat Dog
Opie is part Yorkie part bat, or at least when he is in the bathtub! We have been dealing with crazy fleas which leads us to more bath time fun for the boys. Doesn't he look happy?

July 22 - Afternoon Snack
Laffy Taffy could be one of my favorite sweet treats, next to cotton candy of course!  I have been known to eat as many of these as i can get my hand on in one sitting!

July 23 - My Nap Partner
I continued to recover from the Kidney stone blues. Opie is a great nap partner, and nurse maid. He never really leaves my side.

July 24 - Light Bulb Shopping
As we continue to refresh and update our home we are both very comfortable with Home Depot! Especially in the light bulb isle. We have tried more light bulb types than I ever could imagine. We were finally able to find the right look and price point for most of the bulbs that needed replacing, as well as others that didn't.  I really enjoy a warm light to add a bit of ambiance to our home, very similar to lighting candles regularly! I am so very thankful for Ryan and his patience on this journey.

July 25 - The Duck Days of Summer
My Mom got Diesel this little duck toy, actually she intended it for Opie. Opie in all of his Yorkie glory is much too mature for dog toys! Diesel has commandeered the duck and has not let it very far from his sight. Silly Puppies

July 26 - Hope is an Anchor for the Soul
This is my newest tattoo. I love Anchors, I love the things they represent.  Hebrews 6:19 says Our Hope in Jesus is an Anchor for the soul!

July 27 - Cherry Turnovers
We completed lots of work, and were so very thankful that my parents were able to bring there giant ladder over so we could hang a new ceiling fixture in the stairwell! We finished the evening with amazing Cherry Turnovers. They were delicious! 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Behind the Shutter Vol.1, Issue 3

Monday July 14, 2014

I love this Lion charm that my Mom got me for my Brighton Charm Bracelet. I do love me some Lions! I don't know if I believe in that soul animal stuff that I hear about in native american cultures but there is certainly something that I connect with when it comes to Lions. Just add it to my apex predator addiction. 

Tuesday July 15, 2014
My Wildflower

We enjoyed spending time with our God Babies!! I found myself almost on the edge of a panic attack trying to race to their pre-school/day care to pick them up after work by 6pm. I can promise you that traffic in Souther California is never worse than when you are raving to get somewhere. This girl in all of our Red Hair glory never ceases to amaze me! She is so bright, and her giggle just lights my world up! And oh boy does she have Ryan wrapped around her little finger! How we love her!

Wednesday July 16, 2014
My Morning View

These three boys are my world!! When I get up and going in the morning both of the Puppies like to take my spot in bed. This routine totally cracks me up! I normally find them completely asleep with Ryan. This morning Diesel was very aware of me, however he was much to lazy to get up and follow me around. Its times like this that I am aware of how thankful I am for what I have! Its good stuff!!!

Thursday July 17, 2014
The Plane The Plane

Another evening with the God Babies, full of excitement and smiles!! Conner’s recent birthday left him with a loot of toys! Playing with him is one of my favorite things to do. He loves this little planes, and makes the most awesome sounds!!! Its really neat to see how quickly they learn things! Every time we see them they are a little older and a little smarter! We are so very blessed to be on their list of caregivers and that their parents allow us sweet time with them! 

Friday July 18, 2014
Lets go Angels

Ryan’s love affair with the Angel’s continues! This time we sat in the Knothole club for the whole game! This is a dramatic change to sitting in seats. The Knothole club is a restaurant style venue with tables and chairs that are facing the field. You end up with great service and a great view! Im afraid that Ryan has become a bit addicted to this, I don't know if we will every watch the game from our seats again! 
We attended the game with some friends that we haven't seen in a long time, and it was great fun to catch up! I missed having bud light and cotton candy, Ryan assures me that he will correct this going forward! 

Saturday July 19, 2014
Kidney Stones are of the Devil

I ended up in the Emergency Room on Saturday night due to Kidney stones. I don't have words for the pain! People say its as bad if not worse than giving birth.  If thats the honest truth, than I'm going to have a C-Section if and when we get pregnant!  Yeah I said it.  5 hours later we left exhausted and a little doped up on morphine. Morphine is my friend.  I did get caught up with the two numbers after AGE on my Hospital ID Bracelet. I still think Ryan and the Hospital Staff are playing a mean trick putting 35 there! HA!
I am so very thankful to Ryan for supporting me through it. He is the best husband EVER!!!

Sunday July 20, 2014
Pain Med Blues

Nothing like resting and drinking lots of water to realize how bad you feel. I spent most of the day sleeping. Sleeping the pain away, sleeping the pain med fog away, sleeping the exhaustion away. I just slept a lot, which seems right in line with a Sabbath Sunday! 

Summer Reading 2014 – Book Review - The Second Empress

Michelle Moran has taken my summer reading by storm. The Second Empress is the 4th Book of hers that I have finished in the last couple months. I have thoroughly enjoyed using the Kindle app on my devices mixed with the Whisper Sync feature from to help me get through books at a faster pace. I also find that it makes my commute so much more enjoyable.  I highly recommend Cleopatras Daughter Nefertiti , and The Heretic Queen as well. The last of her books currently available, Madame Tussaud is on my list of books to round out the summer. 

I discovered Michele Moran from a friend posting amazing pictures of her days spent on a local beach, working on her tan and her love affair with Egyptian Culture and History.  The book covers caught my eye, and captured me from the first few chapters.  I have had opportunities to learn about the Egyptian Culture and all of its jeweled mysteries, and continue to have a curiosity about it all. Not to mention my  affection for monster flicks like The Mummy!  This author’s mix of historical fact and fiction is a wonderful way to feed my inquisitiveness.  Her next release in March of 2015, Rebel Queen takes place in India, another culture that I find fascinating.  I will be waiting with much anticipation to open my mind to the adventures in this tale.

On to the Review:

The Second Empress is the story of Marie Louise of Austria and her marriage to Napoleon the Emperor of France in the 1700’s. The great niece of Marie Antoinette, Marie Louise was chosen by the Emperor to replace the infamous Josephine as his wife. The details of the heart break, political discontent, and social norms were captivating.  I found myself empathetic to many of the characters, and found a strange juxtaposition when attempting to identify a protagonist and antagonist among the personalities.  I enjoyed the references to the Egyptian Courts that I had read so much about in her previous books, as well as the role that pets, especially dogs played in the French Court.  I am partial to those Puppies! As you finish the book, there are closing chapters that explore the historical/factual information that the author used to validate pieces of the fiction. I have learned to appreciate the honesty found in what she chooses to use, change, or leave out; exposing these decisions helps to wrap up the story.

Over all this was a wonderful story, leaving me wanting to learn more about the French Court and the families who ruled!  Its good stuff!