Saturday, October 18, 2014

Washington DC Trip - Alexandria Virginia

Alexandria offers a free trolley down King Street (the town's main drag)

We had lots of silly conversation while we rode the trolley! Sweet Memories as we toured the town.

 Found out about Bilbo Baggins Global Cafe on a advertisement from our hotel. Everything was pretty yummy, except the Lobster Bisque (It was a bit too salty). My burger was simply amazing, two patties on a grilled English muffin! Good stuff! We also experimented with different beers or ciders in my case. They offer quite the variety of beers from around the globe for such a small place!

The Queen, found her street! Will she ever come home?

I just loved this cobble stone street. I don't think I have ever seen anything like it. As one of the oldest  cities in the area, I am sure these stones could tell tales!

Totally loved these gas lamps!

We visited the Lyceum. It was a hospital in the civil war and is now a museum for the city of Alexandria. Really amazing history happened here. I find myself pondering how numb we are to war in our society today. When you read the stories and see the artifacts, I walk away changed.

After a day of travel yesterday, and a ton of walking today, Ryan's back started acting up tremendously.  We navigated two metro train lines to get into the Kaiser Urgent Care department at Union Station.
I wouldn't wish the Metro learning curve on anyone, especially not on a Saturday night when the love of your life is in extreme pain.

We are so thankful for our health care, especially the team at Kaiser in Washington DC. After a bit of a wait we were able to get Ryan's back pain resolved. He should be good the rest of our trip!

My Mom is my hero. She ordered us pizza and had ice and drinks ready for us when we returned from our night time adventure to Urgent Care. It completely hit the spot, and we were so very blessed by her thoughtfulness! 

The second day of our trip has left us a little weary, but looking forward to tomorrow when we visit Mt. Vernon! 

Stay tuned! 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Washington DC Trip - Travel Day to Washington DC

Started our day far too early. My alarm went off at which point I had 4 hours of sleep. I have such a hard time shutting down my brain before a big trip! 

We were so blessed by my parents. They helped us with our tickets using some of my Dad's flying points. What an amazing gift!!!

Starting our day out in the clouds, as we started chasing the sun! 

 We got a little cuckoo during our stop in New Orleans when our plane stopped to change out some passengers.  Got to love a little cookie stop!

Ended our Day, in the clouds, chasing the Sun! 

Got our first taste of the DC Metro System. It was great fun, even when burdened with luggage.  Our hotel was two stops away, and they sent a van to pick us up! It worked out brilliantly! 

Finished today with a little taste from home. We are looking forward to enjoying some of the amazing local fare we have heard so much about, but who can turn down the restaurant right across the street on a late arrival night.  Don't JUDGE me!!

Looking forward to crawling into bed and resting for a day of touring Alexandria (the city our hotel is in) tomorrow. 

I am pretty sure that my brain isn't shutting down tonight. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Marking my Territory - 31 Days of Loving That Man

Let's get real for a minute.

My husband works in an office full of women.

And he is an amazing male specimen. I mean really, I am a lucky girl!

And for this fact, or what I am sure are just my monthly hormones acting rebellious, I lose my mind at times and get clingy. I have these weird thoughts, that lead me down terrible paths, it's not cute at all.

Recently I had an irresistible need to have our picture on Ryan's desk at work. I wanted him to have a visual reminder of us, something to make him smile. That really was my intention y'all. I mean I have pictures at my desk and they make me smile!

To make matters worse, I ended up in the frame department at Michaels craft store with a coupon. I was sure I had found the perfect frame. It had space for 3 square pictures, 1 of us, and 2 of the Puppies. It was delightfully masculine and trendy at the same time, two design qualities that I was sure Ryan would appreciate. I was THRILLED! I ran home, printed three pictures and put it all together, with great anticipation.

Ryan was quite taken with it. I was on cloud 9 until he said....

"Are you trying to mark your territory??"

To which I replied... "You know I am" with a wink!!!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lipstick vs Lipgloss - 31 Days of Loving That Man

Its could be one of the most important decisions in life...

To wear Lipstick or Lipgloss?

One is smooth, deep in color, and with the right formula long lasting.
The other is sweet, a little sticky, and adds just a little bit of sparkle.
If you get lucky you get that perfect mix, that completes a beautiful look.

Lipstick and Lipgloss are a lot like kissing.

There is such variety, such sparkle, such beauty. Kisses are both the start and confirmation of attraction. We all remember our first kisses, but can we remember our last? Something happens after years of kissing that man of yours. What used to be hours of kissing, has turned into quick hello and goodbye pecks.

When's the last time you sat cuddled up on the couch and just made out with that man of yours? It's been far too long for me let me tell you. So I am changing that!!! I am saying no to the peck, and yes to a minimum of 10 seconds or more of marital lip dancing.

Pucker up Buttercup!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Love Wall - 31 Days of Loving That Man

When we moved into this home I had the perfect wall in our living room to create an homage to our love!! I am a firm believer that every home needs one of these!!! Marriage, that ultimate commitment is important to celebrate!!!

I found the idea from Jenn at Perfectly Imperfect.

On this wall you find pictures, art, and quotes to create a decorative foundation for our home representing the cornerstone of our family, next to Jesus that is.

I found this wrapped canvas at Target. I just loved the design and feel of it!

This Picture was taking on our 5th Wedding anniversary! We were at a hotel down in Laguna Beach. It was a magical weekend! 
I had this canvas made by Canvas People! They are an awesome shop, and they make awesome products with great coupons! 

This is one of our engagement pictures. We are in the dugout of Angel's Stadium. Its hard to believe we were that young. It still makes my heart race when he kisses me like this!!

Instead of a guest book for our wedding, we had our guests sign the matte around this picture. It is such an amazing day, and this is such a wonderful treasure!!!

The shadow box frame holds memories of some of our best and hardest times. From Left to Right: Trying on our new coats in preparation of our Alaska cruise, An Angel's Game, A few days into Ryan's Recovery after surgery to remove cancer from his skull. 

These are little square prints from my Instagram account. I had them printed from Postal Pix

Two more shots from our engagement picture shoot. I will never forget how excited Ryan was to be standing on field of Angel's stadium!

We are both California Babies. We have debated on moving out of state, but continue to remain here. This print has a heart where our current home is located. We may move out of our home state, but this place will always be home. 

I think this one explains itself!! 

This was my 1st Year Anniversary (Paper) Gift to Ryan. Its one of our Wedding pictures that is made up of a collage of little pictures for our first year of marriage. I wish I could remember where I ordered this at. 

Lastly was a gift from Ryan last year for our Anniversary. He had our wedding vows engraved. I don't think I have words to express how much I treasure this, and how thoughtful it was of him to have this created!

Do you have a love wall or homage to your Marriage in your home?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Little Reminders - 31 Days of Loving That Man

I love Shutterfly!

Love Love Love it!

I received a coupon for a free coffee mug. I debated and debated on what I would do with the Mug. I should have used the offer as a gift for some one else, but decided to be a little bit selfish. I created one for myself.

I liked the idea of having something to sip my hot apple cider in that made me smile.  Like that piece of yarn you tie around your finger to remember something important, this mug reminds me of the lives I hold dear!

Reminders are good things, like my wedding ring that reminds me of the the day I said I do. Or better yet, this picture of us, 7 years after we said I do, sitting in a park watching a play! These are both amazing reminders of the love we share.  Like most of us women, I work hard during my days, which often leaves me less than desirable when I return home. In the evenings, I realize that Ryan often ends up getting what is left over, when my mind finally shuts down from the thoughts of the day.  Reminders of our Love keep me focused, and when I am focused I am at my best, which helps me give my best to Ryan.

What reminders do you have of your Love?

Monday, October 6, 2014

7 Things I Love about this Man - Part 1 - 31 Days of Loving that Man

Somedays things are just hard. Everything just goes wrong, or I end up on my pity pot, and I can't quite find the sunshine. God has blessed me with such an amazing man, and in the midst of life it helps to highlight some specific things about Ryan that I Love:

1. He faithfully attends and participates in a Men's Bible Study. I love that he prioritizes learning more about his faith with a group of godly men.

2. He waits up to greet me when I get home from my Tuesday Night Bible Study.

3. He honors his relationship with his Mother, and ensures that she stays a priority in our busy lives.

4. He is a die hard Angel's Fan. His excitement makes my heart happy.

5. He goes all in with me on my crazy date night ideas. Nothing like being pulled through a monster fog filled Halloween maze to prove that you love your wife! HA!

6. He lets me rest when I can't keep going.

7. He expresses his appreciation for the little things I do.

Next time Life gets to you, and it feels like your Hubby is on an opposing team, take a moment and list 7 things you Love about him!

What 7 things can you think of right now?