Sunday, October 19, 2014

Washington DC Trip - Mount Vernon

We started our trip to Mt. Vernon on Miss Christin, one of the Potomac Riverboat Company boats. Sitting on the top deck, we had incredible views, until we were bullied to the lower deck by the cold wind and smell of freshly popped popcorn. Popcorn is a cruel cruel master.   

Enjoying local history and sites as we traveled on the Potomac River, we arrived at the dock of Mount Vernon. I was completely overwhelmed by the beauty we found there.  There was something so very organic about the grounds, mixed with a sense of order.

Walking to the mansion, surrounded by fall color, is breathtaking. This California girl, found herself having a love affair with the fall foliage, and her boots of course!

The mansion itself is a wonderful expression of the man who had such vision for our country, as well as his own home. As we walked the home I pondered the busyness that would have been life at Mount Vernon, against my own. I evaluated my priorities, especially my thought life realizing that greatness like this doesn't come from considering the impact of a "Real New Jersey Housewife" going to jail or who Honey Boo's Mother is dating. Greatness comes from deliberate thought and focus. It's a sobering thought, realizing the impact of one life on our country.

Ryan and I spent a few moments reflecting under a large oak tree, when he said "I am proud to be an American in a time when it doesn't seem to matter". This insight impacted my heart,  I am proud of the country I call my own. Proud of the man who was our first President. Proud of my grandfathers who fought for this country, and the men in our families that have served in generations since. I am proud of the Red, White, and Blue even if it is a time where that matters, because in our freedom every voice counts.

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