Friday, October 10, 2014

Marking my Territory - 31 Days of Loving That Man

Let's get real for a minute.

My husband works in an office full of women.

And he is an amazing male specimen. I mean really, I am a lucky girl!

And for this fact, or what I am sure are just my monthly hormones acting rebellious, I lose my mind at times and get clingy. I have these weird thoughts, that lead me down terrible paths, it's not cute at all.

Recently I had an irresistible need to have our picture on Ryan's desk at work. I wanted him to have a visual reminder of us, something to make him smile. That really was my intention y'all. I mean I have pictures at my desk and they make me smile!

To make matters worse, I ended up in the frame department at Michaels craft store with a coupon. I was sure I had found the perfect frame. It had space for 3 square pictures, 1 of us, and 2 of the Puppies. It was delightfully masculine and trendy at the same time, two design qualities that I was sure Ryan would appreciate. I was THRILLED! I ran home, printed three pictures and put it all together, with great anticipation.

Ryan was quite taken with it. I was on cloud 9 until he said....

"Are you trying to mark your territory??"

To which I replied... "You know I am" with a wink!!!

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  1. Haha, that's fun! I recently printed some photo magnets and my husband requested some for his office... he likes "bragging" about his girls so he says he's fended off some interested women by starting to talk about his wife and cute daughters. :) Still great idea to let other women know your man is taken - and you're holding him tight! :)