Friday, October 17, 2014

Washington DC Trip - Travel Day to Washington DC

Started our day far too early. My alarm went off at which point I had 4 hours of sleep. I have such a hard time shutting down my brain before a big trip! 

We were so blessed by my parents. They helped us with our tickets using some of my Dad's flying points. What an amazing gift!!!

Starting our day out in the clouds, as we started chasing the sun! 

 We got a little cuckoo during our stop in New Orleans when our plane stopped to change out some passengers.  Got to love a little cookie stop!

Ended our Day, in the clouds, chasing the Sun! 

Got our first taste of the DC Metro System. It was great fun, even when burdened with luggage.  Our hotel was two stops away, and they sent a van to pick us up! It worked out brilliantly! 

Finished today with a little taste from home. We are looking forward to enjoying some of the amazing local fare we have heard so much about, but who can turn down the restaurant right across the street on a late arrival night.  Don't JUDGE me!!

Looking forward to crawling into bed and resting for a day of touring Alexandria (the city our hotel is in) tomorrow. 

I am pretty sure that my brain isn't shutting down tonight. 

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