Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Love Wall - 31 Days of Loving That Man

When we moved into this home I had the perfect wall in our living room to create an homage to our love!! I am a firm believer that every home needs one of these!!! Marriage, that ultimate commitment is important to celebrate!!!

I found the idea from Jenn at Perfectly Imperfect.

On this wall you find pictures, art, and quotes to create a decorative foundation for our home representing the cornerstone of our family, next to Jesus that is.

I found this wrapped canvas at Target. I just loved the design and feel of it!

This Picture was taking on our 5th Wedding anniversary! We were at a hotel down in Laguna Beach. It was a magical weekend! 
I had this canvas made by Canvas People! They are an awesome shop, and they make awesome products with great coupons! 

This is one of our engagement pictures. We are in the dugout of Angel's Stadium. Its hard to believe we were that young. It still makes my heart race when he kisses me like this!!

Instead of a guest book for our wedding, we had our guests sign the matte around this picture. It is such an amazing day, and this is such a wonderful treasure!!!

The shadow box frame holds memories of some of our best and hardest times. From Left to Right: Trying on our new coats in preparation of our Alaska cruise, An Angel's Game, A few days into Ryan's Recovery after surgery to remove cancer from his skull. 

These are little square prints from my Instagram account. I had them printed from Postal Pix

Two more shots from our engagement picture shoot. I will never forget how excited Ryan was to be standing on field of Angel's stadium!

We are both California Babies. We have debated on moving out of state, but continue to remain here. This print has a heart where our current home is located. We may move out of our home state, but this place will always be home. 

I think this one explains itself!! 

This was my 1st Year Anniversary (Paper) Gift to Ryan. Its one of our Wedding pictures that is made up of a collage of little pictures for our first year of marriage. I wish I could remember where I ordered this at. 

Lastly was a gift from Ryan last year for our Anniversary. He had our wedding vows engraved. I don't think I have words to express how much I treasure this, and how thoughtful it was of him to have this created!

Do you have a love wall or homage to your Marriage in your home?

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  1. Those are totally cool! I love collage-style pictures like this and have suggested a few different frames to my hubby, but he's not a fan. We actually only have one wedding picture framed, but a few smaller pictures of us together around the house. :) Thanks for sharing! Yours looks gorgeous - you really have a good eye for pictures!