Monday, September 15, 2014

Behind the Shutter Vol 1, Issue 11

September 8, 2014
 My Mom my Friend - We've come a long way her and I. She is the most wonderful woman I know! I  am so very blessed to call her my own.

September 9, 2014
Back to Bible Study - Our Women's Study has started back up for fall! We are working on a church wide study on Discipleship.  Tuesday evenings are so very wonderful with the group of women I get to meet with. So many backgrounds, so many different generations, all amazing reflections of Grace and Love.

September 10, 2014
Working from Home
I had multiple doctor appointments and it was just easier to work from home. On the occasion I am home, the puppies never leave my side. Diesel was trying his best not to be a distraction, but with this cute face, I was having a hard time staying focused.

September 11, 2014
Three Little Puppies - Its a bit of a Puppy circus around our home when Macy comes to stay. Our boys just aren't quite the same when she's around. Their a bit more feisty, a bit more territorial, and almost all of the dog toys end up out in the back yard. 

September 12, 2014
Women of Faith - Night 1 - As is our annual tradition my bestie Michele and I attended Women of Faith at the Honda Center in Anaheim. This year two of her girls joined us for the event. Sharing Faith and Friendship is such an amazing Blessing!

September 13, 2014
Women of Faith - Day 2
We continued listening to amazing women, singing praise, and sharing time together learning more about our Lord. I am so very thankful for this woman and our shared Faith. I don't know what I would do without her.

September 14, 2014
We broke our Toilet ...and the toilet broke my Husbands Back.
Well not quite broke, but a nicely out of place disc.....Who knew he would get attacked by such a terrible monster. We spent some time with the local doctors at urgent care getting some pain medicine and direction on properly lifting heavy things.  Silly Husband

Monday, September 8, 2014

Behind the Shutter Vol 1, Issue 10

September 1 - Kidney Stone Recovery Take 2  
Kidney stones....are of the Devil....I might have already said that...but I don't quite know what else to say! This little black pup follows me around when I am not feeling well. He is never far away, especially when it comes time to nap on our bed...oh I mean his bed.

September 2 - Our Sick Little Dude
Opie had a tooth that was infected and ended up creating a hole to his nasal passage. It wasn't good. The poor little dude was sneezing blood and just exhausted. He ended up having multiple teeth pulled. You have to love that chicken bandage on his little leg where the IV was. I hate having a sick puppy, but so thankful for our Vet Dr. Laura.

September 3 - Got Cheese
I am convinced that these dogs can hear an american cheese wrapper from miles away! We have a few days of wrapping medicine in cheese for Opie to get down. These boys are like sharks when cheese is around.

September 4 - He’s Back
Opie is finally showing signs of life. He is growing a little more feisty everyday after his surgery!

September 5 - My Life as the Wife of an Angel's Fan
I married into a love affair with the Angel's Baseball team. Unfortunately that means from March to October most evenings there is a Game on our Television. Thanks to my Amazon Prime subscription I get to watch "My" shows like The Tudors, while sitting close to Ryan! Its good stuff, and keeps our marriage strong! Go Angels!!!

September 6 - Urgent Care Waiting
We spent Saturday evening in Urgent Care with more Kidney Stone Pain. Having Ryan with me makes waiting so much easier! 

September 7 - Camp Steaks and Fried Potatoes
My parents came for Sunday Dinner and not only brought all the fixings but cooked dinner too! Camp Steaks and Fried Potatoes is a favorite dinner of mine and totally hit the spot! I pretty sure it helped protect my stomach from all the pain meds Im on! So very thankful for my sweet parents and husband for their support and love as I work through these kidney stones! 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Behind the Shutter Vol 1, Issue 9

August 25 - Ice Cream Conversations

This is Sonny, he is our nephew from Tennessee. He and his Uncle enjoyed heaping bowls of Thrifty's ice-cream while discussing important things like legos and trains. I grew up eating ice cream from our local Thrifty's drug store, it was the cheapest ice cream in town. And quite honestly, some of the yummiest!. Thrifty's has since been bought out by the competition, but you can still find their ice cream at some Rite-aid Stores. We made an ice cream run and ended up with quite a few different flavors. If you get a chance, try it! 

August 26 - The Pi Piti Nan Club
Welcome to the adventures of the Pi Piti Nan Club. Im still not quite sure of how it all started but I am a proud member of this illustrious club! 
This is my niece Meagann and sister in law Paige from Tennessee. They happen to be the founding members of the club, and lovingly invited me to be a part!  We visited my favorite nail salon Savvy Chic Nail Cottage, and had a great time. I have so enjoyed having their laughter and sweet smiles in our neck of the woods. 

August 27 - Whale Watching Awesomeness
My niece Summer who was out to visit us wanted to visit Sea World on their vacation out here. After Ryan and I watched Black Fish last year, we have been a bit hesitant about visiting Sea World. I lined up a trip with Captain Dave's Dolphin Safari, Ryan and I have been on multiple whale watching trips with his company and find them beyond enjoyable and wonderfully educational as well! This trip exceeded our expectations with lots of dolphins as well as blue whale sightings. 

Here is a video of our day!

August 28 - Angel Girl Fun

Of course we had to wrap our week with our visiting family by going to an Angel's game together!  This sweet girl and her red lips encourages me to no end.  She makes me want to be courageous with my smile. Some day I might work up to bright red lips, but I'm currently working my red lip gloss. Pi Piti Nan 4 Life!

August 29 - Resting with my Fur Babies

Friday found us with some down time as the family was out and about. I enjoyed spending a few quiet moments napping with these fur babies! It was a great way to end our Staycation!

August 30 - Vegas Fun
We got up early and drove to Las Vegas to meet our friends who were sharing their time share at Tahiti Village off the Vegas Strip!  We arrived to amazing burgers at Steak and Shake. Followed by some attempted nap time, secret pizza, and a dance club with fantastic 80's music! We found ourselves in front of the Las Vegas Sign at 4:30AM....I mean seriously...who does that...We Do!!! Once a the most...I'm old...totally old...

August 31 - My Hero
After going to bed at 5:00 AM (Again...I'm so old)...I woke up in terribly pain at 8:30. That kind of pain that makes you writhe in bed, walk in circles, and scream into your pillow as an attempt not to wake up the other 3 adults who went to bed just 3 1/2 hours earlier a bit intoxicated. At 10:30 I finally woke up Ryan who took one look at me, and all but commanded that we head home. So we did, and he once again proved to be the most amazing husband in the world. We ended up at Urgent Care with another diagnosis of kidney stones, referrals to more doctors, and pain medicine. I was so very disappointed that we had to leave Vegas early, but so very thankful of this Man!