Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Bible Study – Breaking Free by Beth Moore

I started a new bible study this week at Church. It’s Breaking Free by Beth Moore. Our study includes video watching, scripture memorizing, and small group study.

We started with the first week’s video last night. This is my first Beth Moore study, and I am totally impressed. Her passion, her crazy zeal, the tone she uses when she says “Girlfriend….”. I feel like I have found a wonderful friend, who understands the tough stuff in my soul and knows how to help me see a new future in Christ.

A couple of things that really caught my hearts attention….
- “Freed up from our “Again” – I have made so many decisions to stop doing something that has put a void between myself and God, only to find myself in the weakness of the AGAIN. Lord, why are we dealing with this hurt and pain again?? Oh yeah because I made the decision to do this AGAIN…
- “Bathe your brain in the Word of God” – This is a saying she used a couple times. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT!! It’s such a wonderful word picture. I always picture my relationship with God as a heart thing. All the emotional gook of life, I had never pictured it filled with thought and skill.
- “The Fathers Glory bears much fruit” – I want to be “profoundly effective, and profoundly fruit bearing”.
- “These are the days of war – learn how to fight the good fight!” – Last night was the first time in close to 10 years that I had prayed out loud in a group of believers. All the emotion and nerves really helped me to connect to the necessity of an active walk with the Lord. Talk about Glorified Guilt trip!!
- “Nothing that we are holding on to is worth what we are giving up.”, “Anything that gets killed, needed to die.”, “Don’t be scared of what it will cost you. “ – I started this journey thinking that I wasn’t in bondage, that I was free from oppression, that I didn’t know what I would get out of this study. My eyes have been opened, and my heart is longing to be searched and purified.
I pray for a passion and vulnerability to what God is doing in my life, and in the lives of those around me.

Love ya Like Crazy

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Simple Womans Day Book - 5/11/10

FOR TODAY…May 11, 2010

Outside my window...Sunny and 68 Degrees!!! Glorious Southern California!!!

I am thinking...about plans to go to the Renaissance Faire for my Birthday in a couple weekends. Looking forward to all the shows, eating, a little drinking (when in Rome…) a glass of beer never hurt anyone… and play time with family and friends.

I am thankful for...the amazing weather we have had. I am praying for all of the people affected by the crazy weather in the south. Our family in Tennessee hasn’t been affected by the flooding, thank goodness.

From the kitchen... Lots of Juicing and Chicken. We got a juicer a few weeks ago and have really enjoying the added energy and other healthy side effects. We are also are cutting back on beef and eating more chicken.

I am wearing... A black and white top, black slacks, and black flats.

I am creating... A prayer shawl - crocheting it with this beautiful black, grey, and white variegated yarn. Love it!

I am the Laundry mat tonight. Our dryer died….after a totally agonizing death….

I am reading...just finished the Winthrop Woman by Anya Seton. Great Book! Hoping to get back aligned with the Kindred Spirits Book Group and read May’s book Pearl Maiden.

I am hear from a ministry opportunity I am trying to get involved with!

I am hearing...not much of anything…my IPod has taken a dump… I hate it when technology decides to take a vacation…

Around the house... Lots of on purpose picking up. We are in the midst of a couple crazy weeks. Both socially and Work wise we have been really busy!! Keeping picked up really keeps the stress level down.

One of my favorite things... My Dryer…RIP sweet dryer!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Tomorrow is our 3 year Anniversary! We are celebrating it on Saturday. Friday I am going to Magic Mountain with my Dad, and Sunday is my Grand Nephew’s first birthday!

Special Thanks and Blessings to Peggy at The Simple Woman for hosting this post.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Praying and Crocheting....

We are struggling…or I should restate that…I am struggling…

I had a plan…Married by 25, Babies by 30…

I met Mr. Right…got married…at 28...totally blessed by God!

I’m getting ready to celebrate my 31st birthday…and find myself wishing, hoping and praying for a little one to call our own.

In a recent moment of despair (my birthday and Mothers Day…just happen to be in the same month)…I found myself lying on my favorite pity pot..Which happens to be the size of our bed… feeling very sorry for myself. After much poking and prodding about what he could do to change my mood…Mr. Perfect finally got the answer he was looking for in the form of tears and blubbering. “GIVE ME A BABY”…as if there was anything he could do about it…

I’m the one who needs to lose weight, I’m the one who’s diabetic, and I’m the one who has polycystic ovarian disease.

Can you hear my fists pounding…and my feet stomping…

Somewhere between the last months of tests and doctors appointments my “think I can” turned into a “we never will”….Which has slowly been shaped into “we never could without God”….a wonderful fact that my husband reminded me of.

I started crocheting a prayer shawl…Every stitch is a prayer that God will give me the perseverance to change my eating habits and the energy to get into the gym. Every Chain is a prayer that in his perfect timing he will give us the baby we have been praying and wishing for.

In the mean time, I will continue to love this man that God gave me. He has never pressured me about having children. A wonderful blessing to me. If only I could take that pressure off myself. Maybe that’s something else I need to pray about.

Show Us Your Life - Baby Names.

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Special Thanks and Blessings to Kelly who hosts Show us you’re Life (Click the button above to get there)

If and when we are blessed with sweet babies… here is what I would name them….I was trying to make it a we thing…but like my husband’s taste in t-shirts…the names he has thrown out…just aren’t quite right…ha!

Girl Name 1 – Emmalynn Margaret -
Emma – What can I say I will forever be a Jane Austen Girl!! It’s also the closest thing to Ella, which is my Mom’s name (Which she
Lynn – My Sweet Sister in Laws Middle Name, and I just love the country twang, after all my Mother’s side of the family was born and bred, in Arkansas and Louisiana... its in my genes!
Margaret – After my beloved Grandmother on my Father’s side of the family! She is part of the very essence of who I am. She is always loved, and always missed!
Her nickname will be EmmaMags….I can already hear it!

Girl Name 2 – Esme Raquel
Esme – I really don’t know where I heard it first or last but it’s something that sticks….Ryan hates it! Ha I think there is something soft and whimsical about it.
Raquel – It’s my niece’s middle name, and I just adore it. Is strong but feminine…something I would hope my daughter would be.

Boy Name 1 – Elliot Michael –
Elliot – My Nursery was decorated in a Pete’s Dragon Theme when I was a Baby. My dad painted a GIANT Elliot (Pete’s Dragon) on my wall and crib. We moved..I was devastated (needed counseling…still do..LOL)..Still wish I had that dragon painted on a wall! He was a great comfort.
Elliot is also the name of my favorite Detective on Law and Order SVU….What can I say…Im addicted! If you saw my husband re-in act the intro to the show every week…You would know why!!!
Michael – The Arch Angel and also my Brother in Laws Middle Name. Their son is name after my husband’s middle name…it’s kind of a family thing. I like it.
Boy Name 2 – Preston David –
Preston – Another I don’t know how or why…but I just love it. It just sits well with my heart.
David – Is a mighty hero in the bible, and a mighty hero in my heart. It’s my Daddy’s name…enough said!
His Nick Name will be “PDog”…I can hear my Dad calling him already!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 4/26/10

Monday - Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwhiches

Tuesday- BBQ Ranch Chicken, Rice, Mixed Veggies

Wednesday - Chicken Fajitas & Beans

Thursday - Chicken Noodle Mix Up

Friday - Out - Date Night & a Movie

Saturday - Out - Day in Fallbrook with Family Friends

Sunday - Pot Roast, Twice Baked Potatoes, Corn, Rolls - Cookies for Dessert

Friday, March 5, 2010

These are the days of my Life....

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Today's topic at Show us your life... What is a typical day like?

Wake up at 6:00am.

Morning Routing:
1. Take and record Blood Sugar,
2. Watch the News a bit, making sure the world hasn't exploded.
3. Shower, Dress, Paint the Barn, and Play with my Hair.
4. Wake the Hubby
5. Walk the Puppies
6. Make our Lunches and eat breakfast/medicine/vitamins
7. Feed the Fish
8. Set up the Kitchen for the Puppies, for their stay while we are at work
9. Kiss the Hubby Goodbye

Leave for Work 7:30am.

Listen to Pastor Rogers for morning devotionals on our local AM radio station.

Work from 8:00pm-5:00pm

Drive Home from Work

Evening Routine:
1. Change clothes
2. Walk the Puppies
3. 5 Minute Bedroom Fluff - Make the Bed, Clean off Night Stands, Clean up any mis-placed clothes.
4. 5 Minute Bathroom Sparkle - Wipe down the Bathroom (Sink, Mirror, Toilet) from the morning activities
5. 5 Minute Kitchen Scrub down - Unload Dishwasher, Put any dirty dishes in Dishwasher, wipe down counters/appliances/sink.
6. 5 Minute Living room/Dining room Scramble - Pick up and put away anything out of place, wipe down coffee table for crumbs, put remotes away.
7. Set Table for Dinner
8. Cook Dinner
9. Welcome Hubby Home with a Kiss
10. Eat Dinner
11. Hubby Does Dishes (Bless his heart)
12. Do any scheduled home keeping tasks (Laundry on Tuesday's, Wash the Dogs on Thursday's, I do a full house cleaning on Saturday Mornings before Hubby wakes up)
13. Rest, Sew, Watch TV (American Idol is filling most of our evenings right now)

Off to Bed between 10:00-11:00...

I'm trying to figure out how to add an hour at GYM to my day....I think something is going to have to give... There is also a weekly bible study that I would like to get back involved in...hmmm...

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 2 - 30 Days of Elegance

For my second day of Elegance we visited a local Tea House in Orange, CA called Paris in a Cup

It was amazingly lovely!!!

A great afternoon with my Great Aunt Janet and Sister in Laws Becky and Krystal!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This Morning

I was on my way to work this morning….

Going out of our Condo area when this flash of white fur went running across the street.

I pulled off to the side of the road (In a red, no parking, no stopping zone)…got calmly out of my truck (threw open the door, didn’t look for traffic, and flung myself running across the street)

Looking around for the white flash….I found a cute little white Bichon puppy. I walked over to him as coolly as I could (skipping, smiling, giggling) and said “Hi Puppy”!!! He JUMPED right into my arms…..At this moment I was thinking the following things, which I am not terribly proud of:

1. Does he have a collar?
2. Is it a he or a she?
3. Hmmm…my parents would really think you are cute.
4. How many (I mean one located on the backside of my front door should be plenty )and for what duration (minutes, or seconds) do you have to put a “Lost Dog” sign out before giving said Puppy to my parents?

I opened my truck door, threw the puppy in, just in time for a snot nosed teeny bopper boy to inquire if I had his dog???.(Hmmm…I admit… I thought about lying)… As I passed the puppy thru my truck window, I inquired as to why his dog Did NOT have a collar on….Hmmppp…Irresponsible dog owner…

As the terd walked away with what was surely my Parents next dog, I attempted to turn the key on my truck…..which ended with a pop, a fizz, and nothing… and don’t forget I am stalled in that no stopping/parking zone…

That’s right…all Good deeds do not go unpunished in my little bubble….

After a call to my husband, a call to AAA (Thank goodness my Mother in Law got us our first Membership), I found myself on the road to work with clean battery cables….(Who knew corroded battery cables could cause a lack of power to the engine…), a deep sadness of loss over what could have been a new member of our family, and feeling wonderfully Grateful to a God who makes small Blessings happen every day!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Dear So and So....

To read more So and So....visit 3 Bedroom

Dear Cute Little Brunette Secretary,
Skirts should accentuate all of your curves. If you can see your panty lines, while holding your breath.....its too tight for bending over as you "file".

Fondly, The Cute Not So Little Brunette Project Coordinator

Dear Husband,
I respect you for working this week even though you have this terrible cold. You are such a Good Man.

With Love, Your adoring Wife.

Dear Executives at Un-named Company,

Your company is like a Bumble Bee when it comes to making money. We Know it flies, we just don't know how!
We know its hard to connect the dots, but sometimes the shortest distance between point A and point B really is a straight line.

Kind Regards, The Sane Employee locked in the Insane Asylum of a company.

Dear Rain,
Why is it that when you come to California, your visit causes a panic worse than an Earthquake.

See ya around ~ Stuck in Traffic.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 1 - 30 Days of Elegance finding time for 30 straight days of Elegance has proven to be a little rough....perhaps this is one of the reasons I feel like we are always rushing and running!!! Hahaha
That being said, I have made my best effort to get started!!! The Great Wall of China wasn't made in one day, and this Journey might take just as long!!!

I'm taking the list of things, a little out of order due to schedules, but am so excited that I got started!!!
Day 1 Tasteful Luxury - February 12,2010 - Visit your local garden club. Take book to read, surrounded by the beauty God Created

I invited my Mom to join me on this little adventure.

We visited The Sherman Library and Gardens in Corona Del Mar! It was a most beautiful day, and the Gardens were amazing! I was simply captivated by all of the different textures and colors!! Especially the wonderful Koi in the Koi pond (I'm kind of drawn to animals like that!).

What an amazing gift from God, his creativity is awe inspiring!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Do you ever just want to cry...

I lost some weight and was feeling really great about it. Aunt Flow started on her own without hormones …the first time in years... I thought I was making progress….
Now it won’t stop!!! I’m going on a 5 week long period….
I’m exhausted, I’m cranky, and I’m just done.
Do you know how hard it is to continue eating Salads, Fruit, and Veggies….when all I want is Pasta, Cheese, and Cotton Candy????
I know with everything else going on in the world this is all very trivial….
But in this moment, right here in my little bubble….I JUST WANT TO CRY….
Okay…I feel better now….thanks for listening…

Saturday, January 23, 2010

When it pours.....

At least it has the last few days in Southern California!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

30 days of Elegance – Book Review and a Personal call to Action

As I continue to work on my health and self image, I discovered a book called Beauty by God by Shelly Ballestero (

Her book has been full of wonderful insight. She has a wonderful chapter on dressing modestly that really captured my attention. She has a delightful way of presenting an approach that is useful and not just theory.

Shelly writes about surrounding ourselves with beauty and tasteful Luxury. She describes 30 things that we can do to add to the grace around us, and calls the readers to action by doing one thing a day to add elegance to our lives.

My plan is to write here about my personal discoveries as I start this Journey next Monday. I can’t follow her plan in exact order due to schedule conflicts but I have been able to switch a couple days around to fit what is going on in my life.

I would encourage any woman who feels the burden to change her appearance based on “worldly” strain to read this book and understand just how beautiful and perfectly made you are by our Heavenly Father.

God is so Amazing!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The tears just keep on comming...

I write with a heavy heart....I tried for two days to lift my spirit, to pray for peace, to find some kind of way to deal, but the current situation in Haiti has me completely overwhelmed.

I find my self staring at pictures of death, emotional chaos, fear and doubt and find myself longing to do something to help.

As I sit comfortably in my home, I think about the people who are starving, who are lonely, who have no place to turn. People who have lost everything and everyone.

Yesterday I read a blog from a woman who cares for Orphans in Haiti, she talked about her staff and the children sleeping on the street. Babies....on the street. These stories are this Californians biggest fear.

I know that everything is in God's plan, but I wish I knew what his goal was in this disaster.

God has been wooing my heart , I continually stagger across websites or blogs of people who are in the process or have recently adopted a child. As I read and view pictures, I wonder if we could adopt a child from Haiti. I wonder if part of God's wooing is the pain I feel for the people of Haiti.

The tears keep on coming, its feels almost more than I can bare. are in our prayers.

Friday, January 8, 2010

2010...My To Do List

Bri’s Goals for 2010
1. Get Closer to God
2. Lose Weight
3. Stay on Budget – Learn ways to save on Groceries
4. Create a Family Household Binder
5. Read one book per month
6. Learn to play the Guitar

Schaaf Family Goals for 2010
1. Get Closer to God/More involved at Calvary Church
2. Lose Weight/Get Healthy
3. Get Finances in Order
4. Get Pregnant

2010 Monthly Focus/Interests for the Schaaf Family
January – Finances/Budget
February – Clean out Guest Room Closet
March - Spring Cleaning
April – Dog Training
May – Dog Training
June – Ocean/Nature
July – Music
August – Baseball
September –Fall/Autumn Actives
October – Art
November – Christmas Shopping
December – Advent Dinners