Monday, May 10, 2010

Show Us Your Life - Baby Names.

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

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If and when we are blessed with sweet babies… here is what I would name them….I was trying to make it a we thing…but like my husband’s taste in t-shirts…the names he has thrown out…just aren’t quite right…ha!

Girl Name 1 – Emmalynn Margaret -
Emma – What can I say I will forever be a Jane Austen Girl!! It’s also the closest thing to Ella, which is my Mom’s name (Which she
Lynn – My Sweet Sister in Laws Middle Name, and I just love the country twang, after all my Mother’s side of the family was born and bred, in Arkansas and Louisiana... its in my genes!
Margaret – After my beloved Grandmother on my Father’s side of the family! She is part of the very essence of who I am. She is always loved, and always missed!
Her nickname will be EmmaMags….I can already hear it!

Girl Name 2 – Esme Raquel
Esme – I really don’t know where I heard it first or last but it’s something that sticks….Ryan hates it! Ha I think there is something soft and whimsical about it.
Raquel – It’s my niece’s middle name, and I just adore it. Is strong but feminine…something I would hope my daughter would be.

Boy Name 1 – Elliot Michael –
Elliot – My Nursery was decorated in a Pete’s Dragon Theme when I was a Baby. My dad painted a GIANT Elliot (Pete’s Dragon) on my wall and crib. We moved..I was devastated (needed counseling…still do..LOL)..Still wish I had that dragon painted on a wall! He was a great comfort.
Elliot is also the name of my favorite Detective on Law and Order SVU….What can I say…Im addicted! If you saw my husband re-in act the intro to the show every week…You would know why!!!
Michael – The Arch Angel and also my Brother in Laws Middle Name. Their son is name after my husband’s middle name…it’s kind of a family thing. I like it.
Boy Name 2 – Preston David –
Preston – Another I don’t know how or why…but I just love it. It just sits well with my heart.
David – Is a mighty hero in the bible, and a mighty hero in my heart. It’s my Daddy’s name…enough said!
His Nick Name will be “PDog”…I can hear my Dad calling him already!

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