Monday, March 31, 2014

Things I learned in March

Joining in on What we Learned in March 

1.    That my IPhone can run out of space. I’ve had my phone for a couple years now, and was sure that it was unconquerable. Were kind of the best of friends, my phone and I. When I wasn’t able to take pictures any more….I wanted to cry. I had to make the terrible decision to delete pictures or music. Since both are linked to the ever growing “Cloud” the eternal impact wasn’t so bad, but it was still a gut wrenching experience.

2.  That I absolutely adore this Happy Song. I feel like it’s connected to my soul somehow!  It keeps my toes tapping!!

3.  Bento Boxes. Why am I just finding out about this lunch time craze? I am getting super obsessed. I just love all the creative things folks are doing with theirs! I feel a Panda Peanut Butter and Jelly bear in my future!

4.  I need to do a better job of documenting the little details of life. I’ve done a good job of taking pictures of the people, animals, and interactions that make life so wonderful, but I miss out on the little stuff that makes life tic for me. Things like my yummy breakfast sandwich, or the toy that Diesel killed recently, or the neighbors beautiful flowers that I look at just about every day when I come home. The little things are often better at representing our soul footprint.

5.  Inspired is such an interesting word.  We watched the movie “Noah”, which was advertised as being inspired by events of the Bible. The movie was fantastic from a special effects and acting perspective.  I continue to love Anthony Hopkins, and enjoyed him playing Methuselah.  Inspire is defined as “to give rise to”, and in this context I can see the events written in the Bible portrayed in the movie.  However, there was plenty of creative license used, to get us to those glorious 2 hours and 12 minutes. The added fiction certainly helped me focus on the Biblical Truth.  I wished that they had called the creator by his given name, God. I was confounded by the Watchers, and felt a sense of similarity with the Lord of the Rings character Treebeard.  I was touched with the emotions expressed by Ila (Emma Watson’s Character) knowing that she was barren.  I was impressed by the focus on the human struggles, and really made me ponder what it would have been like to be Noah, and the difficult decisions he had to make.  I’ve learned that in the midst of man’s creativity, I find the inspiration to learn God’s truth.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

2014 Spring Trip - Day 3 - Wedding Prep

We came, We Decorated, We conquered the reception space! 

I really don't know when my husband is most attractive??? 

When he is carrying an Amp?

Or arranging crystals on a mirror....Oh how I love him! 

2014 Spring Trip - Day 3 - Steak and Shake

We are a little Steak and Shake Obsessed. 

We found out about this little burger joint when we visited Ryan's family in Tennessee and haven't recovered yet. 

When I discovered that there was a location in Tempe Arizona, I knew we were going to have to stop in for a meal! 

This location was right next to the local University, which was great fun! The menu was limited and very different from the other locations we have been to.

2014 Spring Trip - Day 2 - Dinner with Family

There is just something about miles and love of family that makes time together sweet. 

We spent our second evening visiting the home of the bride and groom. This home screamed their tastes and passions, from the guitars hanging in the office to the overflowing craft room.  I loved seeing each of their personalities come together! 


We brought in pizza and salad and enjoyed each others company. Seeing both of my great Aunts enjoying the family made me miss my grandma. I know that she would have loved the time shared together. 

Their puppies killed me with cuteness! They helped a bit with missing our own puppies. 

2014 Spring Trip - Day 2- Sunshines Motorcity Cafe

My Great Uncle lived in Mesa Arizona with his family.  
They have continued a bit of his legacy and love of Michigan in their cafe! 
If you are ever in Tempe Arizona, stop into Sunshines Motorcity Cafe for a bite to eat! 
It was so much fun to reconnect! I hadn't seen some of this family since I was a little girl at our last family reunion.

The were so generous, serving some of the cafe's specialities family style so we could all share some time together catching up! We enjoyed the most amazing sliders, coney dogs, turkey sandwiches, and an terrific Pasta that is part of their catering menu!

And we finished with what could be the most amazing Chocolate Sundae featuring Sanders Chocolate that they ship in from Michigan.

I am inspired by their bravery and success in their businesses. There is a vulnerability in choosing to make a place in this world that is truly all your own. We pray for many more successful years for them!

Monday, March 24, 2014

2014 Spring Vacation - Day 1- Angels Spring Training

Ryan loves him some Angels Baseball.
We have talked about going to Spring Training for a couple of years now, and this trip seemed like a perfect excuse to make that happen. 
If you asked Ryan where we were going before this trip, He would have said "Spring Training". 
He was super excited, and I was so happy to be with him!
My Parents, and Aunt and Uncle were able to join us as well!

The Angels were playing at the Surprise Arizona Stadium, against the Royals!

This is a very Happy Husband! 

Heartburn City!!!

Lets go Angels Lets go!!! Bring home a win boys! 

I had these super cute flip flops made for the trip! You can find more styles/teams at  SassyDaisyBowtique. She did a great job and a quick turn around too! 

2014 Spring Vacation - Day 1 - Orange County to Phoenix

A few years ago, my cousin Debbie met a sweet man named Allen, who swept her off her feet! Their romance has continued and we were so very thrilled to receive their wedding invitation in the mail!  We left the John Wayne Airport in Orange County Ca on Thursday morning. We traveled with my Mom and Dad, which is always great fun! 

We stayed at their place on Wednesday Night to make picking up a taxi easier in the morning. 

She makes standing in line fun!  

The Plane The Plane

We flew on Southwest Airlines. We are so blessed,  my parents shared their frequent flyer miles with us! There is always a bit of excitement around flying this airline. The whole mentality of "Picking your seat" adds a bit of anxious drama! We ended up with a pair of seats together, but our little group got separated. 

And then this happened....