Monday, March 24, 2014

2014 Spring Vacation - Day 1 - Orange County to Phoenix

A few years ago, my cousin Debbie met a sweet man named Allen, who swept her off her feet! Their romance has continued and we were so very thrilled to receive their wedding invitation in the mail!  We left the John Wayne Airport in Orange County Ca on Thursday morning. We traveled with my Mom and Dad, which is always great fun! 

We stayed at their place on Wednesday Night to make picking up a taxi easier in the morning. 

She makes standing in line fun!  

The Plane The Plane

We flew on Southwest Airlines. We are so blessed,  my parents shared their frequent flyer miles with us! There is always a bit of excitement around flying this airline. The whole mentality of "Picking your seat" adds a bit of anxious drama! We ended up with a pair of seats together, but our little group got separated. 

And then this happened....

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