Friday, February 19, 2010

Dear So and So....

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Dear Cute Little Brunette Secretary,
Skirts should accentuate all of your curves. If you can see your panty lines, while holding your breath.....its too tight for bending over as you "file".

Fondly, The Cute Not So Little Brunette Project Coordinator

Dear Husband,
I respect you for working this week even though you have this terrible cold. You are such a Good Man.

With Love, Your adoring Wife.

Dear Executives at Un-named Company,

Your company is like a Bumble Bee when it comes to making money. We Know it flies, we just don't know how!
We know its hard to connect the dots, but sometimes the shortest distance between point A and point B really is a straight line.

Kind Regards, The Sane Employee locked in the Insane Asylum of a company.

Dear Rain,
Why is it that when you come to California, your visit causes a panic worse than an Earthquake.

See ya around ~ Stuck in Traffic.

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