Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 1 - 30 Days of Elegance finding time for 30 straight days of Elegance has proven to be a little rough....perhaps this is one of the reasons I feel like we are always rushing and running!!! Hahaha
That being said, I have made my best effort to get started!!! The Great Wall of China wasn't made in one day, and this Journey might take just as long!!!

I'm taking the list of things, a little out of order due to schedules, but am so excited that I got started!!!
Day 1 Tasteful Luxury - February 12,2010 - Visit your local garden club. Take book to read, surrounded by the beauty God Created

I invited my Mom to join me on this little adventure.

We visited The Sherman Library and Gardens in Corona Del Mar! It was a most beautiful day, and the Gardens were amazing! I was simply captivated by all of the different textures and colors!! Especially the wonderful Koi in the Koi pond (I'm kind of drawn to animals like that!).

What an amazing gift from God, his creativity is awe inspiring!

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