Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This Morning

I was on my way to work this morning….

Going out of our Condo area when this flash of white fur went running across the street.

I pulled off to the side of the road (In a red, no parking, no stopping zone)…got calmly out of my truck (threw open the door, didn’t look for traffic, and flung myself running across the street)

Looking around for the white flash….I found a cute little white Bichon puppy. I walked over to him as coolly as I could (skipping, smiling, giggling) and said “Hi Puppy”!!! He JUMPED right into my arms…..At this moment I was thinking the following things, which I am not terribly proud of:

1. Does he have a collar?
2. Is it a he or a she?
3. Hmmm…my parents would really think you are cute.
4. How many (I mean one located on the backside of my front door should be plenty )and for what duration (minutes, or seconds) do you have to put a “Lost Dog” sign out before giving said Puppy to my parents?

I opened my truck door, threw the puppy in, just in time for a snot nosed teeny bopper boy to inquire if I had his dog???.(Hmmm…I admit… I thought about lying)… As I passed the puppy thru my truck window, I inquired as to why his dog Did NOT have a collar on….Hmmppp…Irresponsible dog owner…

As the terd walked away with what was surely my Parents next dog, I attempted to turn the key on my truck…..which ended with a pop, a fizz, and nothing… and don’t forget I am stalled in that no stopping/parking zone…

That’s right…all Good deeds do not go unpunished in my little bubble….

After a call to my husband, a call to AAA (Thank goodness my Mother in Law got us our first Membership), I found myself on the road to work with clean battery cables….(Who knew corroded battery cables could cause a lack of power to the engine…), a deep sadness of loss over what could have been a new member of our family, and feeling wonderfully Grateful to a God who makes small Blessings happen every day!!

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  1. Could it be that it's a sign of things to come. A possible new member of your family. Hint, hint.