Friday, March 5, 2010

These are the days of my Life....

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Today's topic at Show us your life... What is a typical day like?

Wake up at 6:00am.

Morning Routing:
1. Take and record Blood Sugar,
2. Watch the News a bit, making sure the world hasn't exploded.
3. Shower, Dress, Paint the Barn, and Play with my Hair.
4. Wake the Hubby
5. Walk the Puppies
6. Make our Lunches and eat breakfast/medicine/vitamins
7. Feed the Fish
8. Set up the Kitchen for the Puppies, for their stay while we are at work
9. Kiss the Hubby Goodbye

Leave for Work 7:30am.

Listen to Pastor Rogers for morning devotionals on our local AM radio station.

Work from 8:00pm-5:00pm

Drive Home from Work

Evening Routine:
1. Change clothes
2. Walk the Puppies
3. 5 Minute Bedroom Fluff - Make the Bed, Clean off Night Stands, Clean up any mis-placed clothes.
4. 5 Minute Bathroom Sparkle - Wipe down the Bathroom (Sink, Mirror, Toilet) from the morning activities
5. 5 Minute Kitchen Scrub down - Unload Dishwasher, Put any dirty dishes in Dishwasher, wipe down counters/appliances/sink.
6. 5 Minute Living room/Dining room Scramble - Pick up and put away anything out of place, wipe down coffee table for crumbs, put remotes away.
7. Set Table for Dinner
8. Cook Dinner
9. Welcome Hubby Home with a Kiss
10. Eat Dinner
11. Hubby Does Dishes (Bless his heart)
12. Do any scheduled home keeping tasks (Laundry on Tuesday's, Wash the Dogs on Thursday's, I do a full house cleaning on Saturday Mornings before Hubby wakes up)
13. Rest, Sew, Watch TV (American Idol is filling most of our evenings right now)

Off to Bed between 10:00-11:00...

I'm trying to figure out how to add an hour at GYM to my day....I think something is going to have to give... There is also a weekly bible study that I would like to get back involved in...hmmm...

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  1. Loved reading about your day.

    ...For some reason I cannot sleep tonight so decided to blog hop.

    Hope you will stop by...I just added some extra giveaways and will draw on Sat night