Saturday, October 4, 2014

Scary Date Night - 31 Days of Loving that Man

I love me a good scary movie. In fact the creepier, darker, scarier, the better.  October is the perfect time of year to celebrate this scary affliction of mine. The changes in weather (unless you live near us in Southern California where we are still enjoying summer), the changes in daylight, the evening fog that starts to roll in. It just the perfect season for something a bit wicked. An almost perfect October Friday night would include my hubby, my puppies, a blanket or two and a most wonderfully scary movie to hide from.

What would be The Perfect Friday Night you ask? Well that would be.....A Scary Date Night.

Date Nights are great opportunities to cultivate an on purpose connection with your partner in crime. Especially after busy weeks and crazy lives.  I try my best to plan something at least once a month for us to do that is out of the ordinary day to day.  One of our date nights this month was to visit the Queen Mary and her Dark Harbor event. We invited some of our close friends to join us, because there could be nothing better than screaming as a group, right?

We started our evening with a yummy meal at Islands, and carpooled down to the Queen Mary.

I haven't decided which was scarier the monsters we found in the 6 scary mazes, or our friend Andy...You can decide.

There are lots of ways to spice up romance, one great way is to find yourself wrapped up in your husbands arms as scary monsters jump out at you! 

Oh Andy...your a Scary Boy!!

There is nothing better than finding another married couple to pal around with! The Youngs are just the amazing!! We value that they love our Jesus, and each other!

Then there are lifetime friendships, like the one I have with Paul (The dude on the right below). It so wonderful to have friends that support your marriage, not just your friendship!

The moral of this story....
Google something local that might scare your blood into pumping a little faster, grab on to the man of yours, and celebrate the season!

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