Saturday, October 18, 2014

Washington DC Trip - Alexandria Virginia

Alexandria offers a free trolley down King Street (the town's main drag)

We had lots of silly conversation while we rode the trolley! Sweet Memories as we toured the town.

 Found out about Bilbo Baggins Global Cafe on a advertisement from our hotel. Everything was pretty yummy, except the Lobster Bisque (It was a bit too salty). My burger was simply amazing, two patties on a grilled English muffin! Good stuff! We also experimented with different beers or ciders in my case. They offer quite the variety of beers from around the globe for such a small place!

The Queen, found her street! Will she ever come home?

I just loved this cobble stone street. I don't think I have ever seen anything like it. As one of the oldest  cities in the area, I am sure these stones could tell tales!

Totally loved these gas lamps!

We visited the Lyceum. It was a hospital in the civil war and is now a museum for the city of Alexandria. Really amazing history happened here. I find myself pondering how numb we are to war in our society today. When you read the stories and see the artifacts, I walk away changed.

After a day of travel yesterday, and a ton of walking today, Ryan's back started acting up tremendously.  We navigated two metro train lines to get into the Kaiser Urgent Care department at Union Station.
I wouldn't wish the Metro learning curve on anyone, especially not on a Saturday night when the love of your life is in extreme pain.

We are so thankful for our health care, especially the team at Kaiser in Washington DC. After a bit of a wait we were able to get Ryan's back pain resolved. He should be good the rest of our trip!

My Mom is my hero. She ordered us pizza and had ice and drinks ready for us when we returned from our night time adventure to Urgent Care. It completely hit the spot, and we were so very blessed by her thoughtfulness! 

The second day of our trip has left us a little weary, but looking forward to tomorrow when we visit Mt. Vernon! 

Stay tuned! 

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