Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Little Reminders - 31 Days of Loving That Man

I love Shutterfly!

Love Love Love it!

I received a coupon for a free coffee mug. I debated and debated on what I would do with the Mug. I should have used the offer as a gift for some one else, but decided to be a little bit selfish. I created one for myself.

I liked the idea of having something to sip my hot apple cider in that made me smile.  Like that piece of yarn you tie around your finger to remember something important, this mug reminds me of the lives I hold dear!

Reminders are good things, like my wedding ring that reminds me of the the day I said I do. Or better yet, this picture of us, 7 years after we said I do, sitting in a park watching a play! These are both amazing reminders of the love we share.  Like most of us women, I work hard during my days, which often leaves me less than desirable when I return home. In the evenings, I realize that Ryan often ends up getting what is left over, when my mind finally shuts down from the thoughts of the day.  Reminders of our Love keep me focused, and when I am focused I am at my best, which helps me give my best to Ryan.

What reminders do you have of your Love?

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