Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Inspired Words and Actions

Books, Words, Thoughts, Ink on Paper.

Its all a passion of mine.

Reading takes me to different times, places, worlds even. So when a book like Jessica Turner's The Fringe Hours shows me a very different but possible reality of my own, I buy in!

The reality found in her book is divinely inspired, filled with hopeful pursuits, and a gentle reminder to stop and listen to the whisper of my creator as I walk this life.

A couple themes resonated with me:

1. "God Created you with a unique set of gifts and passions. May The Fringe Hours give you permission  to pursue those desires."

My passions and gifts are important to God, and that I need to make them a priority in my day to day. As a woman who wears multiple hats, my passions end up at the bottom of the pile.  Her words have challenged me to find moments that I can make different decisions and use my "Fringe Hours" to focus on gifts and passions.

"When we live using our God-given talent and passions, I believe we are pleasing him and more fully living the life we were born to live."

Using my "Fringe Hour" Lunch to read great books.
2."Don't let them suck you into the quicksand of negativity. Instead, extend your hand and offer kindness".

Grace is such a hard topic to get my mind around. In the past couple weeks I've had to remind myself to extend grace. I've found that when I decide to keep grace on the forefront of my mind, my responses to difficult situations are far kinder to myself and others.

"Think how life would look if we approached our struggles with grace instead of guilt."

Used a "Fringe Hour" one evening to make collar
covers for the Pups to wear to the Paws Fur Pink walk. 
3. "Pinterest and the internet in general, cannot be your yardstick for who you are as a woman, what you should love, how you should cook, or what you should prioritize. It does not define you as a mother, as a giver, as a person."

Can I get an AMEN!!! If you had my copy of this book on your lap right now, you would see multiple underlined sections, with the word "WOW" next to them. They are moments that stand out as pure truth to my heart. This was one of those!  After reading that quote, I un-followed multiple celebrities on my Instagram feed and well as Pinterest. I mean who really needs to know what the Kardashians are eating for dinner tonight! I can't say I'm missing them much!

Mixed Pinterest (in a healthy way) and a "Fringe Hour" to make a
sweet Valentine's Day Decoration

4. A reminder to "Love well each day"

Love is my soul word for 2015. I am focusing on Loving the People in my world beyond well each day. When I have taken time to work on the things I love, and I much more available emotionally to love those around me. Its an interesting paradigm shift for me.

"Time is a sacred gift and should be spent well, doing things that make sense for our family and ourselves. Our days should not be filled with a litany of pursuits that drain us."

Spent a few "Fringe Hour's" one Saturday to
 teach a friend to tie fleece blankets.

5. Last but not least, Rest. This was my soul word for 2014. As I look back, I think I spent more time talking about rest, or planning time for rest, than actually resting.  In fact as I tried acupuncture for the first time last month I realized that I don't rest well at all. As my mind raced to every item on my to do list, prayer list, and grocery list while little tiny needles were pushed into my skin, I had a sobering reality check. Learning more about the negative side effects of stress on our bodies, truly learning how to rest is now a goal for 2015.

 "My body and soul are often desperate for that quiet"

Pick up a copy of this inspiring book, and find practical ways to find time for you!

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