Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Love on Wednesday - February 25, 2009

Love for me this week is defined by stretching and growing.

In the almost two years that I have been married I have been extended, humbled, and broken at times. The ebb and flow of life and family had started taking its toll on my heart, until I let myself find a safe harbor in my Lord, and in my Husband.
This new outlook has helped us deal with unexpected crisis, emotional damage and the day to day folly with a peace of mind and hope. We find ourselves looking for new adventures to bravely face our fears and take steps together hand in hand in faith.

This picture is a recent reminder of our new outlook on Love.

We rode in a basket attached to a Giant Helium Balloon in Irvine California for Valentine’s Day. I am terribly scared of heights, and the anticipation of floating to 400ft in the air was surpassing any joy I could find in the escapade.

As I held very tightly to the railing in the basket I tried my hardest to put my fear aside and take a deep breath….that is until…the basket started floating…. This picture was from the 30 seconds in the entire 10 minute ride that my eyes were actually Open!

With great joy we landed perfectly safe, my husband was quite content with the journey and the anticipation of telling all of our loved ones just how silly I was in my state of panic. I look with great anticipation for the continued adventures that God will place in our future to grow our love.


  1. This is so sweet. I so, so, SO want to do this, but my husband is so afraid of heights...well, I don't think I will ever get him in a balloon. Your pictures are great. Loved your post...thanks for participating.

  2. At least you can say you did it! Now that it's over you probably are glad you did.

  3. If we are brave enough to give our hearts to another person to care for, then what's a little balloon ride, right?!