Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome to 2014 - CY365 and One Little Word

Welcome to 2014!!

I am joining Capture Your 365 for their photo a day Challenge, however with a twist!

Im using this project as a supplement to Ali Edward's One Little Word 2014 Workshop.  I will be documenting my One Little Word instead of using the prompts with the Photo Challenge.

My word for 2014 is Rest.

This is Opie, he believes that he is king of our castle. I started 2014 with this cute face waking me from some much needed Rest

As we closed out 2013 and I started to think about my word for 2014 and Rest laid heavy on my heart. 2013 was a year jammed packed with Blessings, Answered Prayers, Healing, Hard work, and Change. As I look back I see the growth in my life. The continued closeness with my Lord. The Love that Ryan  and I share. The relationships that continue to grow with our Family and Friends. Successes at my day job, as well as with my Photography company.  With every struggle I was blessed with an opportunity to see God in my world.  As we celebrated the end of 2013 I found myself so very thankful, but tired.

I am going to take the opportunity to invite Rest into my life for 2014. I felt selfish with this word at first, but have come to terms with that. I want to find Rest in my Lord, in my Husband, in the relationships we have, as well as finding ways to incorporate Rest in the work, goals, and changes that will no doubt highlight 2014.

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  1. Rest is such a good word. I was very tempted to choose it for myself because I've been exhausted for the longest time. I hope that you find many, many opportunities for rest in 2014.