Friday, January 31, 2014

One Little Word - Rest - January

I am joining Ali Edwards with her One Little Word Workshop. 

My Word for 2014 is: 

I chose this word because…
I chose the word Rest because it’s been so elusive to me, elusive to me in so many ways. I feel like I spend my days in agitation, awakening to busyness, continuing with work and action, and concluding with worry and wakefulness. I want to understand what it means to be rested in health, to find respite in the arms of my husband without the distractions of life around me, and to stay in the comfort of my Lord.

Tranquility has evaded me, although life must continue I want to focus on quieted refreshment, pausing for recreation, living fully in the moment of life, and easing away from the constant multitasking that fills my days.  I want to rest in the midst of my Labor and busyness, finding Rest as I learn what it means to stop and enjoy the peace and comfort of a quiet and focused soul.

In what ways is this word already a part of my life?
1.      Physical Rest Weekend Naps on Occasion
2.  Resting in the Lord during Worship with our Church
3.     Emotional rest that comes from Time with Family and Friends
4.  Rest in the similarities of others, as I read blogs
5. Rest in the love of our Marriage on date nights
6. Vacations

More//Less – What do you want more of in 2014? What do you want less of in 2014??
1. Daily time with my Maker
2. Write More
3.  Photograph more – Find opportunities to capture more nature and religious inspiration
4.  Keep the Sabbath Holy
5.   Read More
6.  Find rest in music, Guitar lessons
7.  Determine and Follow a daily routine/cadence
8. Stick to a budget

What do I most fear in 2014?

1.       Distraction of Work – 2013 I focused much too much on my career and responsibilities. The project I was on, and the excitement of the chase fuelled my obsession and clouded my judgment. I want to make sure that I hold firm to the priorities I have set for 2014, and keep my work responsibilities in check.

2.       Emotional Distresses from others – Every day I continue to heal from emotional wounds of the last year. The Grace of God and his ability to mend wounds has allowed me to move forward, and I want to keep making progress towards healing. I fear that my walls are too high, on the other hand I worry that the boundaries I am now comfortable in may not be strong enough.

3.       Emotional Wellbeing decreasing with our Inability to have a baby.  This is my worst fear. As we continue to learn more and continue this journey of infertility and adoption, I struggle with my emotions and ability to cope. This is a difficult battle in my world.

What am I most excited about in 2014?
A more transparent relationship with my Lord
A more vulnerable relationship with Ryan
A more Authentic Me!
Finding Rest in the season of life that I am in!

Intentions – What do you intend to do/what actions can you take in 2014 to invite your word into your life?

Rest at Home
·         Refresh our Bedrooms and Office
o   New Bed/Bedding/Mattress
§  Lots of Soft Pillows and Bedding for Napping and Sleeping
§  Soft Lighting and Scents
o   Office
§  Desk to Write and Edit Photos on
·         Daily Routine and Cleaning Schedule

Emotional Rest
·         Reading – Fiction, Non-Fiction, Christian Focused
·         Date Nights with Ryan – Focusing on connection and romance
·         Time with my Aunt Janet – I miss her and want to spend on purpose time with her.
·         Vacations
o   A couple long weekends
§  Mesa AZ
§  Vegas
§  Snow
o   A Trip to Washington DC

Physical Rest
·         Get Blood Sugar Under Control
·         24 Day Advocare Challenge
·         Spa Days
·         Chiro/Acupuncture
·         Weight Loss/Be more Active
·         Naps

Spiritual Rest
·         Daily Time with my God
·         Sunday’s at Church
o   Find a small group
·         Focus on Worship
o   Playing Guitar
·         Writing Blog Posts

·         Keeping the Sabbath Holy

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