Tuesday, January 21, 2014

1/21/14 CY365 One Little Word Rest

This was the view on my drive home. It was a weird erie night, where fog actually rolled into the surrounding neighborhoods.

It actually felt like more of a mist than a fog.

Have you seen the movie The Mist? We did, a few years back. Im a fan of scary movies, as long as I can hide behind a blanket, husband, or available dog.  As I recall back to watching this movie, I remember lots of interesting conversation. The ending is pretty dark, but adds interesting perspective that most run of the mill scifi/horror movies don't.

I find Rest knowing that the fog on my way home was just that…fog. However if you happened to be my neighbor, you might have watched me run into the house as if something was chasing me….Fog in general just creeps me out!

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