Monday, July 20, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook - July 20,2009

FOR TODAY …July 20, 2009

Outside my window...76 Degrees and Clear Blue Skies…This is one of those most wonderful summer days that is going to be wasted sitting in my cubicle. I would much rather be at the pool or the beach enjoying the sun.

I am thinking...about my bible study that is starting tonight. I am the facilitator and we are starting with Liz Curtis Higgs – Bad Girls of the Bible. It’s been a lot of fun to read so far. I am excited to get this going.

I am thankful for...our cars. They just keep on ticking.

From the kitchen...homemade grape jelly! I am on a mission to can some ASAP. Never done it before but that’s never stopped me!

I am wearing...Black top, Black Slacks, Black Shoes

I am creating...our year book for 2008 on Picaboo. I have hit a bit of a road block as I have met the maximum size for data and pictures and still have some tweaking to do…It’s a little frustrating.

I am the bookstore sometime today to get the rest of the books from the girls in my study.

I am reading...Wives and Daughters, The Bad Girls of the Bible

I am hoping...that my husband gets an interview for a job he applied for.

I am brain snoring! I am having a hard time getting going this morning.

Around the house...I need to call to get maintenance on our dish washer. It’s not quiet working well and it’s really frustrating.

One of my favorite things...The Lap Top my husband got me for Christmas. It is just an amazing little piece of Technology. I just love it.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Work, Housework, Laundry, Bible Study tonight, Demolition Derby if we can find tickets at the fair on Friday, Church, and maybe I might get to go see Pat Benatar and Blondie with the girls in my family if we can get Tickets for Sunday.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

This is Carter my Grand Nephew. I just love every opportunity I get to Snuggle with this little guy!

He is a total Snuggle Monkey!

Special Thanks and Blessing to Peggy The Simple Woman for hosting this post.


  1. Grand in your nephew's nephew?
    No way, you are not that old.
    Your Bible study sounds very interesting.
    Have a great week...

  2. Sorry, I meant nephew's son. (late night)

  3. I'd snuggle that little one every chance I got, too! Very sweet.

    Pat Benatar?
    And is that a Yorkie in the picture on your sidebar?

    Uh-oh! I think I feel envy coming on....

    Thank you for sharing your Daybook at Grandmother Wren's.