Saturday, November 19, 2011

Were Moving...

And I'm not happy!

Our Current Landlords couldn't keep up with their mortgage payment...even though we have paid them on time, and our rent is more than their mortgage.

We found out about the foreclosure from the mortgage company via mail...they couldn't even call us.

When we approached them on the matter they told us that they were in the process of  a loan modification.

Then a few days later we were told that they had a verbal agreement with the Lender. All was good.

A month or so later...the letters began again...and then we had a visitor who interacted with our neighbors wondering if we were the owners or renters...

Our neighbors are wonderful...they mentioned the conversation with the unknown probably bank guy in passing.  We assumed based on our previous discussions with the Landlords that we would be working with the lender for a move out date, that they were foreclosing, and that we would have a minimum of 90 days to move out per Obama's new laws.

3 days later we got a call...from our landlords...I texted a reply.. "I'm at work I will call when I get home"

Hours later on November 10th we found a note taped to our door. A 30 day notice...were on a month to month lease...

30 Days = December 10

We are angry...we feel wronged...we have to move between Thanksgiving and Christmas....Oh...did I mention that we expecting  35 people this year for Thanksgiving at my parents house and I'm expected to Bake 2 pies and a cake.

We found a place...we fell in love...we put our application in..they choose someone else..

We found another place today...we are in serious like...we put out application in...Pray for us..

Were Packing....and I'm not Happy!!!

Sorry for the negative tone...I know God is in control. I know he something wonderful in mind...I just need to be mad for a while...or at least that's what Ryan says...

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