Thursday, May 9, 2013


Dinner with this Sweet Girl and her Family!!  She has a soft sweet spirit, it's a pure blessing to share time with her. 

Lets go Angels!! Lets Go!! Cotton Candy, Bud Light, Base Ball Butts, and my  Husbands favorite past time.

When in Cold Stone Ice Cream

We have recently moved into my Husband's Childhood home, that we are renting from my Mother in Law. This was our first Dinner at the New House. It felt so great to cook in my new kitchen!!

A glorious California Sunset!!

Something about this...was super exciting...Oh I wish I was an...

In and Out ...its what a hamburgers all about... This place and Home Depot seem to be our home away from home these days.

How many light bulbs does one house Need?? Light bulb Isle at Home Depot...who knew you could spend 2 hours learning about Light Bulbs...

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