Wednesday, May 29, 2013


1. Chasing the Sunset
2. My new Curtains...or Curtain...Super proud of myself for sewing these
3. My Least Favorite Chore...especially while my washing machine is busted...met some new people at the local laundry side...all my laundry gets done in about 2 hours...
4. Puppy Central...Opie, Diesel, and Macy too..

1. Our Love Wall is just about done.. thanks Jenn for such an awesome idea. Post to follow with details!
2. Mr. Schaaf had our wedding vows engraved for our 6th Wedding Anniversary! Be still my heart!
3. Sweet Macy Girl, relaxing on our patio
4. Rally Monkey Take Business Trip to Texas wouldn't be complete without one of the stuffed animals Ryan has given me through out the years.

1. Tornado "War"s in Irving, Tx - I really don't ever need to be that close to uncontrollable mother nature again! 
2. Watching the Angel's at the Hotel Bar with my Co-workers.
3. Happy Day 1 of my 34th Year!!
4. My precious....My Mac Book Pro from Mr. Schaaf

1. Happy Birthday Greetings from my Coworkers
2. Taylor Tacos at the Taylor House
3. Sewing more Curtains and Valences with my Momma
4. Happy Birthday Uncle Bob

1.  Porker with the Young Family...i'm not very good...but it was fun!
2. Praising my Jesus at Calvary Church
3. Garden Grove Strawberry Festival...Nom Nom Nom
4. Sweet Diesel Cuddling his Shark

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