Sunday, September 29, 2013

Annual Living History Tour: “Civil Wars, Civil Liberties”

On Saturday I joined my Aunt on a Living History Tour with the West Adams Heritage Association  to “meet” some of Los Angeles’s most interesting early pioneers, war veterans and entertainment industry personages as the actors, graveside at the Angelus Rosedale Cemetery  

The Cemetery was founded in 1884, when LA wasn't quite the City it is today. We meet 7 individuals, and heard about their life stories, their struggles  and learned valuable piece's of California's History. I don't know when I learned about California History, but in my younger years, it wasn't really a passion of mine. 

As we walked rows and rows graves we learned about "Cemetery Language". Things like sphere's are very costly to shape out of stone, meaning wealth or prosperity. Little Lambs for sweet young children taken to too soon, and broken column's for a strong life ended too soon. It was so very interesting. 

Our Journey started with Ivie Anderson, unfortunately I didn't capture any pictures of her, but her story was captivating.

Our next stop was Marjorie Zier, here she is describing the life of a "bathing beauty",  stewardess, and enjoying a little drink of Gin!

Stop number three was Dr. Oner Barker, his life story of race inequalities and second chances was inspiring. 

Stop four was Merle Evans, his story was quite sad, a terrible transportation accident 100's of lives lost. 

Fifth on the list was Orion Theodore Thomas, he was many things, one of which was a typesetter. I found his story  particularly interesting. As he explained the process of typesetting and publishing, I realized just how very far we have come. Especially as I will easily be able to publish this at a press of the button.

Sixth was Daniel DeVilliers, Horseman, Ladies Man, Finder of Trouble , he was quite the character. 

Seven on our list was Aurelius Hutton, the actor who play him was just amazing. 

And Last but certainly not least was Jennie Allen Bovard. As the First Female Professor at USC she changed worlds. She was truly and inspiration to me. She was so brave, breaking down barriers and taking chances. She love and cared for her three children, and planned amazing parties in their lovely home. The stories go on and on. Oh to be like her! 

We ended our afternoon together grabbing Burgers at Fuddruckers!  It was a great way to spend the day, and I was so happy to be able to spend some time with sweet lady, and one of her passions!

Note to Self...If you end up in a cemetery on a Glorious Southern California day....wear...Sunscreen.


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