Monday, August 18, 2014

Behind the Shutter Vol 1, Issue 7

August 11 - Burger Grubbing - With all of the projects we have going on at our house, we have been eating out way too much! When we got home from work, nothing sounding good to eat for dinner so I ended up at a little hole in the wall place called Jim's Burgers  It was pretty Yummo!

August 12 - Cheesecake and Giggles - while shopping for end tables, lamps, and birthday gifts we took a few moments and enjoyed an early in the week date night at the Cheesecake Factory  It was so wonderful to stop and take a breath and a bite together. Having a few moments together really solidifies our relationship and the love that we have! Its good stuff!!

August 13 - Happy Birthday Dad - We celebrated my Dad's Happy Birthday with Shepherds Pie and carrot cake from scratch! My Mom does such a great job loving my Dad! We are so very thankful and blessed to have another year with Him!! He is such a wonderful man!

August 14 - Some days you just have to smile, and wear pink lipstick - I woke up with a scratched eye, I mean who does That in their sleep? This girl does. It was terribly aggravating to deal with all day and I had to remind myself to smile! On the other hand, this incredible cute hair cut I'm sporting totally makes me smile! 

August 15 - Catalina Fun - I spent the day on Catalina Island with my work. We go there once a year as an employee appreciation event. The island is where I met Ryan 10 + years ago, it holds a special place in my heart. I spent much of the day watching many of my co-workers enjoy libations a bit to much, and well as having a few drinks on my own! Its a great time, and one of the things that I love about the company I work for!

August 16 - Snookie Sitting - We watched our niece's Boston terrier Snookie. She is 7 weeks old, and is so sticking adorable! We had to keep her separated from our boys, because she does have all of her shots which made everyone sad! Her sweet puppy breath and and noises made us reminisce about our boys as puppies. We are certainly crazy dog people!

August 17 - August Family Birthdays - We celebrated the August Birthdays in my family here at my house! We grilled kabobs and I made a Vanilla Cake from Scratch! It was so amazing having multiple generations of my family in my home! Its making all of this hard work worth it!

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