Monday, August 25, 2014

Behind the Shutter Vol 1, Issue 8

August 18 -Puppy on a Pile - So I made the puppies beds to match our new bedroom...and then I found Diesel on top of a pile of dirty close IN THE HAMPER!! I guess we know what he thinks of their new beds...

August 19 - Bringing home Dinner - Ryan is the cutest darn Pizza boy on the Planet! Thats all I have to say about the matter!

August 20 - IKEA Shopping - I found some cute bed side tables on line at Ikea's Website.  Ryan in all of his amazing manliness not only shopped with me but put the tables together! This is how he loves me!

August 21 - Guest Room Prep - My Mom has this really wonderful habit of leaving water and snacks in her guest rooms at home. I took to pinterest and some of my favorite blogs and found expanded ideas for guest preparations like Guest Baskets, and Towels and Lamps.  Ryan's Brother and his Wife and Kids arrive tomorrow and we are super excited to have them!

August 22 - We are all horrible People - After our guests arrived and we grubbed on some super yummy Pulled Pork from our old faithful crockpot we decided to sit down for a game of Cards Against Humanity. We are huge fans of Apples to Apples around here, and CAH is a similar game, but an Adult Version.  We had a wonderfully awkward time playing with my Mother in Law! There was lots of laughter and blushing going on!

August 23 -Jello Jiggler Fun - I found USC Jello Jigglers at the market and decided that we should make some for my Brother in Law Erik as he is a huge USC fan! My great niece Bella was hanging out with me, and was a wonderful helper! She is so lovely on the inside an out at 5 years old! She knocks my socks off!

August 24 - True Blood Finale Girls - This is my niece Meagann, she jumped in and surprised us when she road tripped with her Mom out to see us! We shared a special evening with Blankets, Pizza, her cousin, best friend and the True Blood Series Finale. I think we will be in shock for days, Bill dying, Missing Lafayette, and wondering who Sookie's Baby Daddy is.... Oh it was a terrible finale...just terrible...ill be crying in my pillow if you need me!

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