Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Goosebumps versus Godbumps

1. 3 Ladies in my Bible Study Circle – Are Adoptive Mom’s – Gives me Goosebumps – I love that I have women so close to me that have walked the journey I’m on…but its Bible study..and us Christian folk are called to adopt..so I find myself wonderfully thankful but not totally surprised.

2. 1 lady in my Bible Study Circle – Was Adopted – Gives me Goosebumps – I love that I have the opportunity to see the blessing that Adoption can be in someone’s life, but again..not totally surprised due to the setting I met her in.

3. Phone Agent making appointments for our Live Scan Fingerprinting first call – Was Adopted 29 years ago – Gives me Godbumps.

4. Talking with Same Phone Agent coincidentally on a Second Call (out of 100 other Reps) - Gives me even bigger Godbumps

How do I define Godbumps – Those rare moments when you get goosebumps and shiver because you knew for a few brief moments that you could see the hand of your creator, and actually feel his warmth.

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