Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Live what you Believe in"

I was reading a favorite blog today, and these words struck my heart "Live what you Believe In"....

They make my heart race, they make me excited. They are a bold command, one that feels Biblically driven, and Humanly Possible.

"Live what you believe in."

As we continue working on our paper work and saving money for the adoption, I am learning that making conscious decisions while walking in faith is a convicting and humbling process.

This process has really helped us define some of our beliefs leading us to understand more of each other.

I have learned the following:

I believe that God wants this adoption for our family.

I believe that God will meet us where we need him.

I believe that our home, family, and friends will be a haven for the Child that God has planned for us.

I believe that our marriage is Heaven Breathed, and that it can grow with flexibility as we grow our family.

I believe that I will be a Mother.

As we continue to walk down this path, I find my self being convicted to “Live what I Believe In”

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