Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Papa Bear, I am so proud of you and your quick transition to your new job. I love that you were able to help out with a project that was so close to my heart for most of this year. I so enjoyed Mr. Thursday Night, it was so nice to have him back!  Dear Christa, Lisa, and Michele, I am learning so much about Friendships and the blessings that come from having sweet girls in my life. Thank You! Dear Journal and The She reads Truth Team, I can’t tell you how much you have impacted my walk with my Lord, just in the 5 days since I’ve joined the journey with you! Dear Opie and Diesel, Your crazy Puppy Breath and Ferocious Playtime bring me such joy and laughter! Dear Strawberry Sour Belts, Get in my Belly!!!


  1. Love your letters miss! Found your blog from Ashelys page and wanted to say hello!

    Happy to be your newest bloggy friend & follower :)!

    Say hi back sometime?

  2. love that you call your husband papa bear! i call my husband that sometimes, too :) found you via the link up and am excited to follow along xo