Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013 - Decorations and Our Evening

This was our first Halloween here at the Wilder House. Having a bit more room, has provided me with some fun decorating space.  I was able to find a lot of fun stuff this year with the help of some coupons at our local craft stores Joanns and Michaels. If you have either of these stores near you, down load their Apps. They both offer coupons via their apps, so you only have to carry your phone, not a bunch of paper clippings! 

 I focused on decorating with candles for Halloween. I love the glow of candles, and the soft lighting and there just seems to be something a little spooky about the ambiance they add.
The Puppies (Our Oregon Duck Fan, and our Major League Stud) were stuck behind baby gates for most of the evening to keep them from running out the front door.  There was lots of barking and whining to be heard.

We had a great time passing out candy, we still had a small crowd around 30 or so. I would really love to live in a neighborhood where there is a big turn out for Halloween.

I had the Schaaf Family Vinyl made recently by We are installing shelve's in our living room this weekend, where this frame will ultimately end up living, but I thought it looked cute in the entryway! Im changing the background paper with the months/seasons. I just love this addition to our home!
These are some of the baubles I wore. My Momma got me the bracelet and earrings. I just love them! We both have Brighton Charm Bracelets going as well! The Jack o Lantern charm makes me smile!

We watched "I know what your did last Summer 2", and "Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown". Ryan just loves Charlie Brown. Im so glad that I thought about it ahead of time and recorded it on our DVR.  There is something really sweet about those characters. Im pretty sure we are just like Sally and Linus! 

We had a very Happy Halloween, Hope you did too!

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