Friday, October 25, 2013

Bloom Book Club - A Million Little Ways by Emily P. Freeman

I am joining in at the  Bloom Book Club for the first time. The book we are reading is A Million Little Ways by Emily P. Freeman.

The book works to expose the inner artist that is God breathed in each of us, regardless of our talent in the classical artistic sense.  

As a photographer I have relished the moments of discovery through my lens, and have felt such a connection with a deeper part of my self, a longing that is only fulfilled when I take a deep breath and hear the shutter close.

Through A Million Little Ways I am focusing on this connection, a piece of myself that my Creator hid away deeply, a part of me that is vulnerable, content, and whole.  So much of the first two chapters spoke to my heart.

In Chapter One – Awake: Emily reveals the impact that artists have on our lives, we learn of honesty, beauty, courage and hope. We learn that each of us has the ability to be “Fully Awake to their maker”, and that we should “Live our lives as though you believe you have something to offer”.  I appreciate understanding more fully that my creator is an artist, and that by sharing myself through my art, I bring Glory to my God.

 In Chapter Two – Reflect:  We learn that we “Bear the image of a creative God”, and that this becomes a “framework for our lives”.  As I frame up pictures in my lens, I realize that my creative eye is an eternal artifact of my maker.  It’s in those moments when I “Dare to be who I really am”, that I feel “Fully Alive”.  Oh how Emily’s words touch my heart and soul!  As I shift my focus on engaging more with my artistic self, I am more aware of moments where I am truly captured by the one who molded me.  I am learning that I can bond with my soul and be an artist in many facets of my world. 

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