Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Homestyle Oktoberfest

The last couple years we have enjoyed Oktoberfest at Old World in Huntington Beach. Its always a fun time with opportunities to enjoy great Beer, Bratwurst, and Ryan favorite Beer Mustard.  There is always a great band the occasional chicken dance.  Its always a packed house, but we have found tables and areas to hang out every year.

Now that we live in Los Angeles County we thought we would try Oktoberfest a Alpine Village in Torrance. We arrived to meet a couple friends who were already in line waiting to get in. A line of hundreds of people, that was at least 2 hours long.

We gave up on getting in, the main tent was already packed and at some point they weren't going to let all of us and our hundreds of Oktoberfest friends in. We decided to move Oktoberfest to our house!

We stopped by the market and picked up Brauts, Beer, Hot Dogs, sauerkraut, Potato Salad and all the fixins to go with them. 

We found a yummy Oktoberfest styled beer and some Malt Apple Cider to drink.

And we ate...

And Andy napped with Opie cuddled all cozy. 

And then we played this hilarious game called Cards Against Humanity.

It's hilarious, its very much an Adult version of Apples to Apples. Just what our friends who had the rare night out together with their babies at home with a sitter.  There was lots of laughter and sillyness!

It was a wonderful evening with friends, food, and good ole beer!  Cheers!!!

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