Saturday, October 12, 2013

31 days in Anticipation of Expecting - Wanting of a Baby - Elizabeth - Day 12

The story of Elizabeth can be found in the early chapters of the Book of Luke in the Bible.

Elizabeth in the Hebrew context means “God has sworn”

We learn in Luke 1:5-7 that she and her husband were “Righteous before God” and that they “walked in all of the commandments and ordinances of the Lord”

Elizabeth was barren, and aging.  Aging…it’s such a harsh word to me… In the shadow of infertility I find myself feeling very old, with time as my enemy.  One of Elizabeth’s strengths was that she continued to focus on God, and not on herself, or the bitterness that comes with being barren.  I  have not been good at this. There are days where I like to wallow, where I feel trapped in this struggle.  Ryan becomes my enemy, and at times I can’t see the sunshine outside of the pity hole I have dug myself.  

I also see that Elizabeth and her husband Zachariah were Partners.In Luke we see references to “They”, I love this. The picture I see is two people that Love each other very much like God’s intends in a marriage.
I love that Gabriel visited Zachariah while he we ministering in the Temple.  This makes me ponder what ways I can actively minister in the house of my Lord. Orphan Care and Helping to mentor wives in Organization and Loving their Husbands has been on my heart lately.  I want to focus on my God the way Elizabeth did, and walk in the commandments of the Lord.

Oh the relational wisdom that this couple would share with their son and the people  in their lives.  The years of marriage, of devotion to each other and their God, the memories and intimacy of two people sharing life together, it’s an epic love story with eternal impact!

Can you imagine the conversation between Gabriel and Zachariah today:
Gabriel: ”So Zachariah how’s your 501K looking , Elizabeth is about to get knocked up”
Zachariah: “Dude….Really….You  ARE Crazy”

And that’s where we see the doubt, in the moment when God offers a miracle.  But in our humanness we forget that God is a God of Wonders, and that we only need to acknowledge and receive his gifts!  Poor Zachariah, no voice, no words, no way to verbalize the joy or anxiety that he is feeling, the cost of his disbelief. I wonder how Elizabeth felt about this.  Maybe she found  his silence quite attractive, they did conceive quickly after all.

After a healthy pregnancy, and a visit from the Mother of Jesus, Elizabeth delivered a son.  She praised God for this boy, and appreciated God’s mercy and kindness.  Like her marriage she taught her child in the ways of the Lord and watched as her miracle son cleared the path of the Savior. 

I pray that I can follow the trail Elizabeth blazed ahead of me, that I can love my Lord and follow his commandments, that I can be the wife Ryan needs me to be, and that some day I can raise a Child to walk faithfully with God!

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