Thursday, October 3, 2013

31 days in Anticipation of Expecting - Week 1 Food Plan - Day 3

Four Days ago, I had wonderful plans for this week. This was wrapping up to be one of the biggest weeks in my career. What will most likely be the largest project of my career went live at 8am on Tuesday Morning.

A year of planning, sweat, and tears, lead to a wonderfully exciting moment, and me experiencing  a level of exhaustion I have never known.

I allowed my careen to to lay waste to my plans of clean eating and drinking. Junk Food, Candy, Drive Thru, Donuts and Cupcakes and a glass or bottle of something yummy derailed my plans.

Its Thursday, and although I ate two salads this week, I feel like a glutton, and failure.

My priorities were once again aligned in the wrong order. This is a lesson learned, and what I love about the the focus that this kind of challenge creates. Thank goodness is next week is a new week, and I can start all fresh.

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  1. Every day is a new start ;) That's how I'm looking at each day. I've done OK with eating, but that's mainly because I'm not making too many choices. I have a Lara bar for breakfast while my students eat grits and sausage. I have a can of soup and some triscuits while they're eating whatever awfulness the school lunch is. Dinner at night is decided by my in-laws, and usually it's a reasonable portion size.

    Now weekends? Weekends are a different story. When I'm home with my sweet husband, whom I haven't seen all week, we don't make the best choices (as evidenced by this football cheeseball that sits out on the coffee table while we watch the game). We need to get better at that.