Saturday, October 19, 2013

DIY - Front Yard Reseed Project - Day 1

Our front yard needed work. It hadn't had much care in a while and grass was not going to grow unless we gave it some love. 
 My Mom and Dad joined us and worked so hard along side of us. We are so thankful for them. It was fun working on a project like this together! 
 We rented a Tiller for the day! On a side note, I'm a proud Tustin Tiller, my high school mascot. 
 My Dad and Ryan tilled the yard twice in cross directions to make sure the soil had plenty of movement. 

 Mom and I raked all of the dead grass and roots...4 trashcans full....
 When we finished the day our yard was freshly tilled and clean for planting the next day!
 I love that we worked on this project together. It was way more work than we had planned. We were exhausted and sweaty, but still in Love! 

 We learn that these kind of projects strengthen our relationship! I am so in Love with this man and his ability to learn new things! 

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