Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Love on Wednesday - March 11, 2009

This week has been an exercise in our faith and love.

Ryan learned last month that his current position will be ending in June, as they move the operations of his company to Texas. After almost 9 years in the same company, the news came with a striking force both to our future plans, and to my husbands heart. As we have watched our friends and family deal with wounds of business and the economy we are determined to stand firm in our faith. We know God holds the plans of our future, and that every door he closes, he opens another one.

I have been praying that God will lead my husband to an opportunity that will stretch and grow him as well as help us with our Goal for me to be a stay at home wife and mother when that day comes. I want him to work in an environment that he loves, and has a passion for, as well as an opportunity to share our faith. My husband has been doing some soul searching and praying, hoping that God will give some direction.

Yesterday my sweet husband had an interview with one of our Sister companies (I work for the parent company of the company he currently works with). The opportunity is something he is very excited about, although it is something he doesn't necessarily have a lot of experience in. He does however have lots of years in the industry, which seems to give him a foot in the door.

He was so very handsome when he left for work yesterday in his suit and tie, but those moments had passed and he arrived home being particularly silly from the stresses of the day.

I think he might hurt me, when he finds out I posted these...but he is just too cute not too...hehehehe

With my best attempts at calm anticipation, I pray today that this endeavor is in God's plan for us. I also thank God for this man who makes conscious decisions to make his marriage the center of his life, next to his relationship to God. I am not always the best helper homemaker, but he is a wonderful servant leader! I am truly blessed!


  1. Hope everything works out for the best girlfriend, those pictures are wonderful

  2. OMG - love the hotstuff pix!! we are praying for you guys! my own layoff has really become about reevaluating, resetting priorities - becoming a better wife and steward of our finances and resources, human and material. turning a little more hippie and a little more spiritual and finding freedom in that, even though we are stuck in our house because the value is no so low - but we loved it here and i am taking up the challenge of homesteading here to reduce costs etc. your hubby sounds like a beautiful head of your household, worthy of much respect. God bless you!