Monday, March 16, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook - March 16, 2009

FOR TODAY... March 16, 2009
Outside my window...70 Degrees…A beautiful Southern California Day

I am thinking...about a friend who had a drink after 6 ½ years of sobriety. My heart is breaking thinking about it. Although I am not in AA, I have found great strength in her story and have tried my hardest to support her in any way I can. I know that she is wonderfully resilient! I hope with all hopes that she digs deep and finds the power that God has given her to take back control and get back up on the horse!

I am thankful for...a gracious church, we were nominated for a scholarship for “A weekend to Remember”. It’s a marriage retreat/seminar that will be in our area in May! My husband and I are really looking forward to a weekend of spending time together with God, working on the bread and butter of our marriage.

From the kitchen...The Yummiest Shepard's Pie EVER!! I made it last night for our “Green” Sunday dinner. My Dad ate 3 helpings. It was a true pleasure having him enjoy something I made so much! His mother was a wonderful cook, I think I might have hit a sweet spot for him!

I am wearing... Black top, Black Pants, Black Shoes….No I am not going to a funeral…It makes me look skinny!

I am creating... A tote bag for my bible study stuff.

I am going... to Bible Study Fellowship tonight. I missed the last two weeks, and have felt the longing of being in fellowship with these ladies. I am really looking forward to tonight's time!

I am reading... “The Love Dare”, Still working on “A Lady of High Regard”

I am hoping...that God will lift up and care for my Niece who just told us that she is 7 months pregnant. We now have two young women in our family that are about to be single mothers. Their choices haven’t always been terribly rational or well thought out, but we hope and pray that we can support them to make good decisions in the future for their children.

I am hearing...lots of woes in the company I work for. We laid off 33 people on Friday, 11 of which were from my department. There is a bittersweet feeling of still having a job, while others we care for do not.

Around the house... smells of clean goodness! I worked so hard at the end of last week to get everything picked up for the weekend. My husband and I have continued to pick up and put away before we go to bed every night. It’s really refreshing when my home is put together.

One of my favorite things... My Ipod, it keep me moving and grooving.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Packing for our Vegas Trip this Weekend, Doing a little shopping for something special to wear this weekend, Loving on my Husband.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

My Shepard's Pie from "Green" Sunday Dinner last night, with packets of sour dough bread warming.

Special thanks and blessings to The Simple Womans DayBook who hosts the day book.

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  1. You lucky girly!! You get to go to Vegas! Are you going this weekend for a few days?

    While I could do without so many people, I do love to play the slot machines and people watch. There are so many interesting people in this world. When you feel so self-conscious about yourself; take a look at those people! YIKES!! (just kidding *wink)

    Have a great time! Happy St. Patrick's Day!