Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday - March 5,2009

Today I am very Thankful for whomever designed Rat Traps.

We have experienced great aggravation over these little creatures and as of this morning we think we might have a resolution.

I am a total city girl, but felt myself channeling the great heroines of the western frontier as I poked and prodded to make sure the trap had done its job.

With mixed emotions (I am a sucker for any dead little creature) I ran practically screaming to the dumpster (If any of my neighbors happened to be looking out their windows...I am sure they are still laughing) and then returned to disinfected my kitchen.

This will be the fourth unwanted critter in 3 months that has tried to call our condo home....I hope its the last!

This episode has reminded me of how Satan works in our lives. He sneaks into the dark small places of our hearts and begins to make his home. As we notice him causing chaos we make changes in our lives, changes based on the decision to cope with him, or the decision to trap him and take him out to the trash. With great anticipation I hope with all hopes that I can use the courage I found today and trap and trash Satan, so that my heart will be a clean place for Jesus.

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