Friday, May 1, 2009

Show & Tell Friday - May 1, 2009

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This week I am sharing some of the flowers my Mom and I saw last weekend at the Flower Fields in Carlsbad CA. We decided to have a Mom and Daughter day to rekindle our bond, and spend some time enjoying one another’s company. This was a day that we will both treasure for years to come.

The Flower Fields specialty is Ranunculus. These beautiful flowers are just a byproduct of the marketplace. The fields are actually grown for bulb distribution, but for 3 months a year the hillside is practically painted with a spectacular array of colors.

My favorite part of visiting the flower fields was the amazing rose garden they have. I have never seen such variety of color, smells, or names.

They also feature an Artist Garden that reminded me of what you might find out at a French countryside Chateau.

It is truly amazing how all of these flowers can take you to so many places and dreams all over the world!


  1. The flowers are so beautiful. I love roses. It must have been a happy day seeing all the pretty flowers.

  2. This are gorgeous pictures. I love flowers! Have a good weekend. :o)

  3. Hello Bri...

    Just read the sweet note that you left on my angel in a jar happy that you came by for a visit...and thank you for your sweet comments!!!

    Girl, what beautiful flowers!!! The Flower Fields in Carlsbad CA must be awesome to see in person! The fields of all that beautiful color is just gorgeous! I'm sure your Mom and you had a lovely time!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  4. What gorgeous flowers! I would love to enjoy the fragrance, especially of the roses! How special for you and your mother to have the time together to bond (I like how you worded that!)


  5. Lovely flowers ! Puts me in a good mood, lol !

  6. Oh my! What beautiful flowers!

  7. So Beautiful! I'm glad you enjoyed your time with Mom!