Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ignorance is not bliss...

After expressing my anger over the recent world events a friends attempt to console me, only added to my frustration! He commented saying... “You can’t let it get to you too much…Some people are just stupid”.

My problem is…Stupid people don’t:

1. Create Nuclear weapons and then threaten “Fire Storms on their neighboring countries”
2. Don’t shut down access to websites, telephones, and media coverage.
3. “Fix” elections.
4. Kill College Students as they sleep.
5. Have affairs with friends in Argentina.

The people responsible for these events are master minds and depend on brilliant minds as puppets to move their agenda’s forward.

I was perplexed when I heard that the younger generations of China are unaware of the events in Tiananmen Square.

I was moved to tears as I watch a young woman die in the streets of Iran.

I was outraged as I watched an interview with a Veteran from Hawaii talk about the comparison between Pearl Harbor and the new fears revealed after recent threats from South Korea.

I feel like I am trapped in a Bad Action Movie full of secret societies, political plots, racy romance, and a terrible script.

I have to stop reading the news. I find myself feeling more and more helpless, scared, and worried.

The only thing I can do is pray. I pray for Peace. I pray for those who don’t know my Lord. I pray for those who live in countries that are taking revolutionary steps of change.

This is wild time to breathe!

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  1. Please 'hear' this not in a lecture tone, but rather from a 'friend' who just picked you up to take you out for chips and a margarita. Know what I mean?

    You are right to be outraged. However - is that how you want to volunteer to spend your time, heart, and energy?

    There are too many godly things to do with our time. The Lord is not on talk radio, He’s not in the papers, and He’s not on the news. There are too many godly things to do with our minds and hearts to waste time on celebrity deaths, the information censoring in China, and the grotesque deaths of women in the Middle East. While I don’t advocate sticking our heads in the sand, I do think its well worth it to ban all news media. Seriously. They’re not sharing truth, and if something big time goes down that you need to know about, you’ll find out soon enough.

    I’d rather spend time being distressed over my own sin and prayerfully masterminding what I’m going to do about it, rather than coming unglued over evil committed in a country I’ve never been, in a language I don’t speak, and with whom I have no connection. Anger, distress, worry, anxiousness – these take too much time and energy away from those whom I am here to serve and bless. There is enough going on in my home about which I have to be concerned for me to be spending time and energy wringing my hands about the rest of the world.

    God is still on the throne. HE is sill Lord of all. HE still reigns on high. And He’s going to continue to be so without the help of my worry, which is only evidence of my lack of faith.

    On the national front, I read things that come from the Constitution Party,, and HSLDA. I do what I can to support those groups because they are on the ball with the things that are important to me. But that’s it. No FOX news, no CNN, no newspaper. (OK, I did just read a book by Glenn Beck, but you get the picture!)

    Internationally, pray for your brothers and sisters in the Lord. Pray for the innocent. Pray for whatever missionaries you may support. Pray for the Lord’s protection and provision for your family.

    And then LEAVE IT in HIS capable hands.
    His shoulders are much bigger than yours are anyway.

    I need another margarita, how about you?